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Opinions of Sunday, 31 May 2015

Columnist: Prof Lungu

Jerry Rawlings for Dummies: Ghana's 2nd Biggest Loser

(Part 1)

Date of Record: 25th May, 2015 (AFRICAN UNION DAY)

1. The "...ideological turnabouts from socialism to 'liberal capitalist stabilization policies' from President Kwame Nkrumah to Busia, has had a negative impact on the pace of economic development. This turnabout has been worsened by punctuation by a 'nightmare of military adventurism from 1973 to 1983'...'leadership is cause, everything else is effect'...” (Professor Stephen Adei, Ghanaweb, 11 May, 2013).

2. "...The coup of February,1966 marked the beginning of the downsliding of the economy of the nation and which was compounded by the many coups that followed. The coups gave the military more time and powers to damage...the economy of the nation....The February,1966 coup and the military coups that followed it have contributed immensely to the sorry state of the economy and the abhorrently poor living standards of the majority of Ghanaians...No sane, patriotic Ghanaian should entertain the idea of the military ruling (Ghana) again. The military...destroyed Ghana..." (GHANANI, Ghanaweb, 11 May, 2013).

THE CASE/SUBJECT: The Jerry "Napoleon" Rawlings "talk" at the abode of treasonous coup plotter who was part of the foreign-funded syndicate that overthrew the first democratically elected government in Ghana, in 1966.

“...The Ghana Armed Forces as I used to know it is an institution with a very high level of integrity and quite frankly much as we are happy with the fact that military interventions are becoming events of the past we also must wake up to the fact that the proper way of preventing those interventions is through proper governance, maintaining integrity in government and remaining accountable to the people..." (J.J. Rawlings, sourced to, Ghanaweb, 23 May 2015).

THE REPORT: Summary of Comments by Ghanaweb Authors/Commentators
--- Osei Yao
--- Abena
--- aboa a oni dua Nyame na opra ne ho
--- yussif fuseini
--- Genuine Observer
--- Jack Ass
--- Guv
--- Jay
--- Nana Ansah
--- Etc., Etc., Etc.!

The analyses of the Ghanaweb commentaries on subject Jerry Rawlings is complete.

The verdict is as unanimous as it is Ghana/African-centered. All agree!

More than 95% of all Ghanaweb youths and elders, including those employed and the unemployed, including those with college degrees and without, including those inside Ghana and those outside Ghana, etc., all agree on one or more of 12 points below. These are individuals who took time to provide one or more of the 106 comments when J. J. Rawling's spoke about "accountability" in Ghana. All the Ghanaweb commentators, objective and Ghana-centered to the core, in the main, agree on these 12 unique set of attributes that have characterized J.J. Rawlings since 1979, and continue to define Ghana's "Napoleon" into infamy, as per that 23 May outburst, comments sourced to

1. AHISTORICAL, speaking about historical events without data to support his "talk". As a result, conflating ideas and mixing up events purposely - to serve his own personal interests, ambitions, and ego

2. EXCESSIVELY UNFAIR AND UNJUST TO GHANAIANS, treating Ghanaians like "citizens" in George Orwell's "Animal Farm" of 1945; while persistently remaining as first among equals, to wit: Flight Lieutenant "Napoleon" Rawlings

3. TYRANT & BULLY, does not believe in democracy or fair play, this, flowing from our Item No. 2 (his Trojan Horse P/NDC/NDC, notwithstanding)

4. HYPOCRITE, self evident in the record

5. DISRESPECTFUL OF GHANAIANS, self evident in the record

6. LIAR, to include lying behind a woman - his wife

7. DISRESPECTFUL OF THE MEMORY OF THE DEPARTED, including being discourteous towards the late President, Professor Atta Mills (and his family), totally from the personal front, without regard to a single public policy disagreement

8. UNACCOUNTABLE - NEVER RENDERED AN ACCOUNT TO GHANA, except to obtain loans from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) during the period in Ghanaian history known as "Structural Adjustment" (SA). The IMF SA was a control scheme now totally discredited by all objective economists as having produced nearly insurmountable records of poverty in Ghana (and Africa) during the 1980, 1990s, effects that still persist, even today

9. NON-TRANSPARENT, per his own record, and as result, shirking responsibility as required and expected of an "Elder" who respects himself

10. NEW GHANA "PLUTOCRAT", such "new" wealth, estate, and resources appropriated to self, to better-half, and sundry Rawlings appointed officials, all resources gained through transfers and sales under darkness of divested Ghana-State-Owned Enterprises (GSOEs), mostly elemental pillars of Nkrumah industrial/economic/development plan for Ghana.

11. PAN-AFRICANIST PRETENDER, valueless to the legacy of Henry Sylvester Williams, George Padmore, Edward Wilmot Blyden, Marcus Garvey, W. E. Dubois, Dr. Martin Luther King, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Malcolm X, Patrice Lumumba, Ahmed Sekou Toure, Julius Nyerere, Jonas Savimbi, Steve Biko, etc.)

12. "SECOND BIGGEST LOSER" for Ghana as a leader. Developmentally, unproductive to Ghana in his 18-plus years as usurper of national power since the independence of Ghana, in 1957.

We now present sample summaries of the comments from the Ghanaweb "authors" noted above.

--------------------Begin Summary Comments---------------------- Responses to Jerry Rawlings by Ghanaweb --

"....So why (is JJ Rawlings) so glum?" ... //..."This week - nothing so we have to stage a coup"...//...Harley and Deku were part of the greedy bastards with sharp teeth that were working for Nkrumah's enemies.
Lets not forget that Police Commissioner Erasmus Madjitey was placed in detention by Nkrumah until his release by the NLC in 1966 after Nkrumah's overthrow.
Deku and Haley were all police corrupt moles working for the western governments. Madjitey was the one who used Sergeant Amatepe to try and assassinate Nkrumah but unfortunately he ended up killing Salifu Dargati.
Harley was the one who influenced his nephew general kotoka to overthrow Nkrumah.

NOTE: Prof Lungu Says...This Ghanaweb commentator is our famous Ghanaweb Oracler/Diviner/Comic/Historian of Repute(in Police-Army Matters)...(25 May 16))

Core NDC Values Shunned by John Mahama
"...Integrity, probity, accountability, transparency...are all shunned by John Mahama and Atta Mills was worse culprit.... bcos jj thought all along that he had good men in NDC....but now we know it was only Martin Amidu who had integrity...the rest are all armed robbers in suits and smocks masquerading as politicians....".

(Note: By this reasoning we can all include "j.j rawlings" as one of the " armed robbers in suits and smocks.... After all, we know that JJ "Napoleon" Rawlings is no Martin Amidu).

Author: Osei Yao

"...This is rather cheap, coming from a man who ruled a nation for 12 years without accounting to anyone. Coupmakers do not account to anyone. They do so for selfish monitary reasons. How many of the state assets sold by your regime..."

Comment: Rawling is out with his useless talk again
Author: Abena
"...I feel so ashamed for Rawlings when he talks about how to dolve the country's problem. The country ghana is in crisis because of the useless nomination of Mahama who has no idea of managing a country. Is he not aware of how his NDC party has turn(ed)...Ghana upside down? He should be ashamed of talking about integrity, transparency and accountability. If he wants to stage another coup he should go ahead. Useless ma..."

Author: aboa a oni dua Nyame na opra ne ho
“...You don’t prevent military intervention through destroying the code of ethics and code of discipline in that institution (military).”....What the fuck did you think you were doing when you told junior officers not to obey their superiors..."

Comment: Whats Mr Rawlings giving back to Ghana
Author: yussif fuseini
"...The man is again hungry for power...he was so power drunk that, he thought 8 years will never come. What is Rawlings giving back to society after raising his kids with state money. What contributions are they making politically to the development of mother Ghana? At least we have seen Samia her brother and Nana Addo in that respect, so has Mr Rawlings failed in the regards too?..."

Comment: JJ, Insinuating Coup?
Author: Genuine Observer
"...Why oh Why! Could someone tell me why this Maniac, JJ always talks about Coup d'état? Ghana is 100% better off with Mahama and his Dumsor govt than JJ and his Bandits as coup leaders!

"...The man is tripping, if NLC AK DEKU AFRIFA etc rendered the country a service, what were the crimes that OKATAKYIE AFRIFA was executed for. Why did he not stick his neck out to commute the sentence. If corruption was his crime weren't his " services to the country" sufficient mitigating circumstances and why weren't other NLC big shot e.g JWK Harlley etc not executed..."

Comment: If this guy stayed in power for 20 years
Author: Jack Ass
"...then he is the cause of the dumsor. All those years in power he couldn't think and sense that the energy equipment and machines should be replaced then he is a kakaras dumb. If it's true Rawlings allowed his wife to amass wealth then it's a jack ass..."

Comment: Probity and Accountability Millionaire
Author: Guv
"...go ahead jj. What abt Nana Konadu's shares in Ghana Rubber..."

Comment: You are not correct!
Author: Jay
"...Ok so this man must either be on drugs or he's getting mad. How can you justify the 66 coup? Kwasia like that, during your reign of terror did people not feel oppressed? Did attempts of coup not happen? Are you being sincere and honest that you yourself wasn't corrupt? Please give us a break. I don't think you ever think before you speak. Power indeed does corrupt and staying in power for nearly 2 decades obviously corrupted you hence your thirst to control any sitting government. If anyone did that during your reign Lord knows how they would end up. No freedom of the press, no freedom of speech, constant fear when being successful. Please give us a damn break. The legacy of Nkrumah will live forever and long after all president of Ghana are dead and gone the name of Nkrumah will still remain as the best president that ever walked the face of the earth.

Author: Nana Ansah
"...The NOTORIOUS LIARS COUNCIL aka NLC and all their members were traitors and abject cowards...first degree murderers. It is notorious that the NLC and their Mate Meho gang set precedence for coups in Ghana which opened the floodgates for you Rawlings to rise from Zero to Hero...//...Yes in all my admiration for you, I beg to disagree on this subject of coup. All coups are coup. There is no better coup. What is bold about firing bullets to seize power instead of letting the ballot speak? The Feb. 24th 1966 was organized by a group of disgruntled elements in Ghana who arrested our collective industrial and economic development that set us 100 years aback. Those who condone and connive or collaborate with foreign powers to short circuit our hard won independence and put the African unity in an uncertain future cannot be bold but treasonists and traitors. Period!...//...How can you call these sneaking cowards who in the absence of Nkrumah staged a coup bold? They even named their coup operation “Cold Chop“ because the mastermind Nkrumah was not in the country or not around...//...The predicament faced by Ghanaians today stem from these unwarranted coups starting with the ill-fated 1966 coup. The military governments were even more corrupt than civilian governments they used the barrel of a gun to topple. So Rawlings if want to talk about boldness next time please talk about civil courage and those who were maimed or lost their lives by these bomb throwers and arrant cowards who forced their way to power. Nkrumah Lives! Africa Must Unite..."

-------------------End of Summary Comment----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Dear reader, in subsequent papers on the subject of Jerry "Napoleon" Rawlings's faux "accountability in governance" front, we will present a view of Jerry Rawlings the only way we know how - the Ghana-centered way.

The verdict is clear. Jerry Rawlings has no facts, never had any facts.

We hope all who may have forgotten the history or simply never had occasion to know the history and the record will gain a better understanding of the truth and facts at bottom, analyzed from the larger Pan-African perspective where the importance and legacy of Ghana's Kwame Nkrumah's is globally understood, recognized, and employed as a rallying call to action to better serve all Ghanaians (and Africans), accountably.

So, in the tradition of Francis Kwarteng, one of our dear colleagues and a strong defender of the Kwame Nkrumah legacy:

We shall return!

1. Ghana's GDP per capita could have been $6000 - Prof Adei, Business News, Ghanaweb, 11 May 2013, (Source to myjoyonline).

2. Animal Farm "Cheat Sheet": (Get the little book, "Animal Farm", by George Orwell, and read about "Napoleon" and his syndicate).

3. Proper governance, accountability prevent coup – Rawlings, General News, Ghanaweb, 22 May 2015.

4. Visit for more information and data on Ghana and the effort to promote true accountability. from the perspective of Prof Lungu and whole list of other Ghana-centered writers. (

©Prof Lungu is Ghana-centered/Ghana-Proud. Prof Lungu is based in Washington DC, USA. Brought to you courtesy©25th May, 2015.