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Opinions of Friday, 17 June 2011

Columnist: Quaye, Stephen A.

Jerry Rawlings:”No Lovi, Lovi Government In Ghana Again”

From: Stephen A.Quaye, Toronto-Canada

For quite a long time now I have been trying to find some clues to the main problem why former president Jeremiah John Rawlings hates his successor’s former president John Agyekum Kufuor and the incumbent Professor John Evans Atta Mills.
But so unfortunate, I have not been able to find the necessary clues as to why the former president Rawlings do not want to see eye to eye with these aforementioned personalities as his successors.
Suppose it was only former president J.A.Kufuor alone that he hates, definitely some of us would have had the understanding that maybe because they belong to different political parties of different ideology that could be the reason.
However, the former president’s hatred to his successors is worse on the incumbent president Atta Mills whom he natured from vice president to become a president therefore making it very difficult for one to understand why he hates the incumbent president so much.
As he is not coming out to tell the whole country why he has developed so much hatred for the incumbent president, who served under him as a vice president and his successor former president J.A.Kufuor, it has opened the door for many perceptions to drip in.
The other day, two Ghanaians were discussing about the former president’s behavior and I heard of them asking, ”anaa papa no ne yen papae koo apam se owini obema no biribi na onyaa nye anaa” to wit,” did the incumbent president entered into any covenant with the former president that after helping him to win the seat will reward him and has been disappointing him?
There are so many perceptions coming in as people are trying to find out why the former PNDC Chairman and first president of the Fourth Republic Mr. Jeremiah John Rawlings, has been putting fire in the hut of the incumbent president.
Others have also been claiming that the former president is jealous of the dignity earned by his successors that is why he wants to rubbish them. He has been asking party delegates of the NDC to reject the bid of the incumbent president seeking a second term in office as president in the December 2012 general elections.
Simply because he sees her wife Nana Kunadu Agyeman Rawlings as the only one who could lead the NDC party to power to deliver whatever promises made in that party’s manifesto to Ghanaians.
They have every right to seek the vote of the Ghanaian electorates to be elected as president to lead them but their modus operandi is totally out of order. Inciting the whole party members to reject the president on reasons that can not be used as basis is unfortunate.
What makes them so funny to the electorates is the way they have been trying to portray to the whole world that they are the best ever loved birds under the sun making some people to ask does it take a “lovi, lovi” government to rule the country?
At June Fourth rally at Kumasi, he created another joke for Ghanaians to laugh where he shared a tale of how the former first lady was complaining about his long stay in office when he was in power as president and was so much engaged. Now she has not even gotten to office yet and he the husband has to call sometimes after mid night to find out where she was and that if she says he was his sweet heart she was her double sweet heart.
Whoever is whose sweet heart or double sweet heart should not be the case for Ghanaians to decide who should lead them come December 2012 general elections. The point should be made clear that Ghanaians want a leader who can turn the economy round by creating an enabling environment for the industries to spread out to offer employment and many more not the kisses president and her husband will be having on camera.
Ghanaians are smart people who can read between the lines and know what they want and how to stand up and defend what they want after getting it therefore is incumbent on the general electorate to start making their minds as to whom they want to better lead and stand by him.
“Enko yie nanso lovi, lovi government weidie anka yenpe “.