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Opinions of Monday, 22 July 2013

Columnist: Nuhu, Kashaa

“Jericho Shall Fall The Third Time”

Prayer is indeed the key to every turbulent situation created by artificial, natural and/ or supernatural forces beyond the trepidation of every individual. Rather, not a prayer that is intended to invoke iniquitous curses for certain unfathomable perception about one entity or a group of persons. This, even if will not, which certainly shall not fail, eventually will lead such a prayerful group to an inevitable catastrophic end.

Prior to Election 2012, a political party held a prayer session dubbed “Jericho Shall Fall” praise and prayer festival on the 11th November, 2012 at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium in Kumasi. A Prophet by name Kofi Amponsah alleged that, there are blood sacrifices, burial of live cows or human-beings somewhere in the north to enable people win power. He stated that “evil forces that will specifically rise up from that part of the country against the rest of Ghana, will fail for the will of God to prevail”, adding, “this time around, God will rule…..My beloved, listen, we are pointing our hands directly to the Northern Region; we are pointing to the Northern Region; we are pointing there” said the prophet, all in prayer of curse and casting of demons to befall the north.

Granted without an iota of admission what this Prophet was alleging was true, what prevents him from praying to avert the situation but rather invoking the wrath of God on the whole Northern region? It is an apparent indication that, people ignorantly fall hook, line and sinker to anybody who professed prophetic words but with the potency of voodoo priest. These prayers were completely rejected and discarded from its anticipated destination and bounce back at the architects of such a malevolence crusade with the collapse of a political podium in Kumasi soon after “Jericho Shall Fall” prayer session as a signal of the first fall of Jericho which was a patent figurative glimpse of the NPP’s defeat in last year’s elections.

As if not satisfied, he was heard on tape played on numerous radio stations in Kumasi saying, “Whatever evil powers that will emanate from the Northern Region we condemn it”. I ask a simple question: Is the NPP “Anti-Northern Ghana” to let such a Pastor, who knows nothing about the north, spew such trash on their religious platform? God is the most merciful and He offers His holy mercies even to the evil doer with the intention of his repentance from the bad deeds. Let’s all bear in mind that, when bad people destroy, good ones exist to repair.

Prophet Kofi Amponsah is unaware of God’s copious mercies and chooses not to pray for the evil doer to repent. What is the essence of ministration of the word of God, if it does not have positive impact on humanity? This unavoidably was the main reason for the NPP’s defeat which is hidden from the rank and files alongside their assigns who do media works for them. The second and the principal fall of Jericho has secretly but literally came to bare on the 9th of December, 2012. Until the NPP do some soul-searching about themselves to unravel the mystery on their predicaments, winning any election in the country will be a chimera far-flung of reality.

Needless to mention, the people of Northern Ghana, like any other people in this country, are religious and God-fearing people - Christians and Muslims alike - and do not engage in the practice of sorceries as people like Prophet Kofi Amponsah and his associates would have others to believe. The north knows no evil dwellings. We attribute everything that befalls us to the will of the Almighty Allah (God). We believe in God and His Prophets and respect all other religions and tribes in the Country.

We in northern region believe that Ghanaians are one people with a common destiny. We also believe that our common enemies are not ourselves or other people who do not share in our political and religious inclinations, but poverty, illiteracy and disease. There are various groups that are formed with the vision of eradicating these common enemies, not other sister tribes all over Ghana. There are prophets like Kofi Amponsah in the northern region who are genuinely anointed and have God’s protection hand over them who prayed and averted all evil curses by Kofi Amponsah and his prayer group that saw northern region yet as firm as ever before.

We welcome all governments, non-governmental organizations and other philanthropists who pledge to offer northern region a fair share of the national cake or bring any form of development to our people. As evident in contemporary Ghanaian politics, our people cut across the political divide and accept those who accord us the necessary recognition as Ghanaians.

Nonetheless, this pastor is currently in oblivion after duping the NPP with his fake and unimaginable prayer of doom. It seems the third fall of Jericho will chase this damned pastor out of his hideout for NPP to recoup their cash. Whatever the case, no one cares if one steps on a cobra and receives its venom into his/her system causing cadaver? Shakespeare perfectly term this as “the evil men do lives after them”

After all, the Pastor’s prayer did not bring any significant impact to the course of his contractors. The prayer appears to have a very negative effect on them as the election petition’s outcome is adversely being known to the NPP. It has been troubles here, troubles there and problems everywhere. How can you wish such bad omen for innocent people sitting up there for no vituperation? God/Allah is the ultimate judge!!

Our prayer is that, the third impending fall of Jericho should not supersede expectation. Tempers are flaring high in the camp of the opposition, reading from the media by the confusion this self inflicted prayers have caused in the NPP. The top echelon is sharply divided with founding fathers wrestling with “babies with sharp teeth” causing founders to be poured out with the filthy water. This, the elephants should draw a great cue from to discern how God works to distinguish and avoid falling in such dubious and unsought trap of pastors who claim they are prophets.

The final and third fall of Jericho will be manifested when the verdict of the election petition is delivered after the battle of evidence of pink sheets and filing of addresses had ended. It shall be disastrous and heart aching. I therefore urge all religious groups to hold intercessory prayers to obviate the void it is going to create in Ghana’s politics. We shall grief in despair and agony. The ecstasy shall be on one side where others will go on cloud-nine.

The damnation by political opponents shall subside for a little while with the hope of fostering unity in political differences. My request is that, Ghana must pray as espoused by the head of the ICGC to turn away this foreboding or the inveterate detractors of Ghana’s economy will find this a very difficult national exercise to embark upon? As said by one inspirational speaker “I will walk with you, dine with you, drink with you and sleep with you but I will not eat, sip neither will I doze nor stroll your own” Mateena Kashaa.

Kashaa Nuhu

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