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Opinions of Monday, 13 June 2011

Columnist: Damoa, Adreba Kwaku Abrefa

Jeremiah John Rawlings aka Paul Gyamfi has a ...

.... Specific Incurable Biological Mental Abnormality from Birth

Homo Sapiens has one distinct distinguishing feature that puts humans above all living things; our mental capacity to grow wiser with age, wiser with experience and wiser due to necessity and thereby improve upon our stock, and our past for a better generational future; all others depend on the vagaries of nature. What is bad and odious cannot be made good and admirable, not even with the sophistry of all the best sophists the world has known. Therefore, JJ do something before you die!, as has been and continues to be the irresponsible and idiotic chant of shiftless, frustrated and idle good for nothing human dregs in Ghanaian society who surround, follow and goad evil-thinking John Rawlings into his crazy comedy of errors expedition in Ghana must learn to grow and grow wiser for the better.
Two things are prominent, thus whereas these lager-louting faex populi do hardly realise that their unfortunate and irresponsible conduct, to some extent holds Ghana’s peace and democracy to ransom by reason of aiding and abetting John Rawlings’ hypocrisy, envy, covetousness, his prejudices and malevolent intended demagoguery that is tearing Ghana’s socio-political fabric apart, John Rawlings on his part fails to realise his vanity as a supposed Statesman who has no sense of shame, loves flattery and by so-doing reduces himself to ‘playing the turkey’ that crocks and puffs up its feathers to please children on their playful command. One of the indices of the wise is that they speak only when they have something to say which they do responsibly. On the contrary, fools speak because they just want to say something for the sake of attention just to expose themselves. This conduct is shamefully unbecoming of a former so-called President of Ghana of all nations within the ECOWAS let alone in the international community of responsible Statesmen. –‘koon bambata hanya’ these are conjuring words by ridiculed and ridiculous JJ Rawlings, a supposed Statesman turned a joking conjurer at a June 4th rally in Kumasi, greeted with a thunderous acclamation, taken for expression of charisma. This is just part of the synopsis of the various episodes of shameful shamelessness of a person who once upon a time ruled Ghana for 19 continuous years.

For twice coup maker with one failed attempt John Rawlings to tell his weak straw June 4th jubilants who have time and space in their activities to spare, if any, to listen to crap that goes to the hearing of all Ghanaians and the world that ex-President J A Kufuor is a threat to Ghana’s democracy is the epitome hypocrisy. Whereas people see and conceive John Rawlings to be amiably charismatic, he is in fact an extraordinary psychopath with genetic origin. Indications include his arrogant and deceitful interpersonal style. He has a deficient affective experience that is camouflaged in what is seen and interpreted by the ignorant and fanatics of indiscipline as charisma, with impulsive and irresponsible behavioural style. Ghanaians should have realised by now that by his disposition to engage in violent behaviour he surely possess psychopathic personality traits, such as callousness, grandiosity, and fearlessness. He presumably engages in such conduct because he cares little about others and most of all he holds Ghanaians and black people in contempt. John Rawlings’ impulsive and irate temperament with considerable anger, anxiety, and distress as would push him to commit violent acts as a reaction to negative emotions, which are sometimes referred to as "crimes of passion” are all glaring. To further my argument, the whole world except some Ghanaians are aware of his psychopathic nature for lacking any sense of guilt at-all or remorse for any harm he may have caused others. This he does by rationalizing his behaviour, blaming someone else, or denying any facts about him outright. From his tactlessness, insensitivity, and contemptuousness embossed in his superficial charm, he is enabled and in ready willingness to say anything to anyone without concern for accuracy or truth. His shallow affectations to any tendency for genuine emotion are equally short-lived, just a glib and egocentric, with an overall cold demeanour. John Rawlings is prone to love a person dearly today and hate same bitterly tomorrow with little or no excuse and no compunctions for doing so. Examples are his exposed shallow relations with his June 4th complotters, sacking of ‘fidus Achates’ Victor Smith, current estranged relation with ‘alder liefest’ John Mills etc.

I am therefore presenting to readers a general overview of the mental condition of psychopathy which in clinical psychology includes a person’s inability to form or maintain human attachment but manage to skilfully use charisma, manipulation, intimidation, sex and violence to control others just to satisfy their own needs whiles possessed with an abnormal lack of empathy, masked by an extraordinary ability to appear outwardly normal. Clinicians generally believe that there is neither a cure nor any effective treatment for psychopathy; there are no medications that can naturally instil empathy in the sufferer, yet those who undergo traditional talk therapy only become more adept at manipulating others. This is a specific congenital neurological mental disorder that makes sufferers become intra-species predators in life. Lacking in conscience and empathy, they take what they want and do as they please and violate social norms and expectations without guilt or remorse. Their behaviour is impulsive and irresponsible. Psychopaths also have a markedly distorted sense of the potential consequences of their actions, not only for others, but also for themselves. They do not deeply recognize the risk involved in the actions they take and as to whether people will believe what they say or whether they will be injured as a result of their behaviour is of no regard to them. They are irresponsive to reform through punishment and will impulsively commit crimes despite knowing the consequences awaiting them. These are among the worst of repeat offenders in recidivism. From the above analysis, it would benefit Ghanaians and his disciples to assess his conduct and profile to discover his exact and accurate mirror image provided in this frame of analysis. I surmise that his incognito attendance to a Swiss clinic during his presidency where he identified himself as Paul Gyamfi was for psychopathic therapy. It is usually difficult to accurately identify psychopaths with any significantly disgusted facial affect but they can be accurately recognised with anger expressed in their face. Here are a few recognisable factors for readers’ attention based on aggressive narcissism and socially deviant lifestyle:

? Glibness/superficial charm
? Grandiose sense of self-worth
? Pathological lying
? Cunning/manipulative
? Lack of remorse or guilt
? Emotionally shallow
? Callous/lack of empathy
? Failure to accept responsibility for own actions
? Socially deviant lifestyle
? Need for stimulation/proneness to boredom
? Parasitic lifestyle
? Poor behavioural control
? Promiscuous sexual behaviour
? Lack of realistic, long-term goals
? Impulsiveness
? Irresponsibility
? Juvenile delinquency
? Early behavioural problems such as lawlessness and contempt for authority and the status quo
? Many short-term marital relationships
? Criminal versatility

Though I am at war with Boakye Djan and his views and opinions as a controversial wrong-headed laeotropic trouble maker who has brought untold woe onto majority of Ghanaians, I have reason to reason with him this time that, it is imperative for Ghanaians to heed to his call for surveillance on evil-thinking and evil-intended Rawlings as a potential dare-devil coup plotter for a third time in Ghana. It is more than likely among the possible inevitable options that he threatens would happen if his wife is rejected in her bid for NDC leadership in July. The worrying warning is that he is not normal and cares less about nothing even if it will cost him his life, period. I am wondering why JJ Rawlings, aka Paul Gyamfi is surrendered with supposed Doctors who are supposed to know better yet follow a mentally dysfunctioning psychopath as their leader, mentor and role-model. Well, probably they are either pseudo or ‘bitch’ doctors like Hannah Bisiw, to whom barking is as normal as it is usual. Don’t let us take him at face value for a joking conjurer, John Rawlings is up to something sinister and is testing to assess his probable support from those he can charm and use. In Shakespeare’s succinct expression in Julius Caesar, Caius Cassius says to Marcus Brutus: ‘he who in haste wants to start a strong fire begins with weak straw’. John Rawlings has his human dregs, those who have no sense of reason to reason and nothing to do with their lives, surrounding and providing him with the excitement he needs to feed and actuate his nasty intentions. He will never yield to whatever weight of persuasion or threat because he is mentally controlled by his congenital mental shift and derangement.

Finally, the name Jerry John Rawlings may probably have been expunged from the register of respectable Statesmen for international engagements for fear of misconducting himself, psychopath as he is, if selected for any serious international engagement. This may have been done to safeguard against him throwing the institution of respectable personalities and their international duties into disrepute. He should therefore stop coveting and berating our internationally respected Mr Kufuor and his recognised achievements both at home in Ghana and abroad because whatever his prejudices are against him, whatever insults intended to destroy him are heard abroad but ignored with derision, though consumed only by those cynic Ghanaians who are bonded in ignorance and idiocy with no sense of common sense.

Adreba Kwaku Abrefa Damoa, LLB; MPhil (London) London UK