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Opinions of Saturday, 27 February 2021

Columnist: Isaac Opoku

Jack and Jill

A photo of homosexuals A photo of homosexuals

After my puppy, Jack became an adult, it started playing truant. This frustrated the main reason why I brought it home, which was to drive away thieves at night. It almost all the time left home, especially at nighttime. Once on my way to buy a drug from the pharmacy at night, I saw Jack at a neighbour's house hovering around his dog, Rudy. At the sight of this, I tried to understand Jack. I reckoned that it left home because it felt lonely and needed company.

In my attempt to stop Jack's incessant outings, I brought in a new dog, Jill to be his companion. Meanwhile, Jack was still missing during the night. After an initial bout of fights between Jack and Jill, the two became best of friends. They were seen playing together; jumping here and there; and chasing each other. At the sight of this, I heaved a great sigh of relief.

That very night, I came out of my room expecting to see Jack and Jill together; but to my utter amazement or let me say disappointment, the two were nowhere to be found. In anger, I went straight to Rudy's house. When I got there, I saw them all over Rudy. As I stood there wondering what could be so special about Rudy, a thought struck me suddenly. I got closer to the dogs, bent down to look at Rudy's genital. Lo, whereas my dogs had sticks, I realized that she was 'penisless.' "Oh! I see," I nodded in understanding.

Eventually, I certainly knew what to do. I went to town early the next day to buy a beautiful female dog. In fact, I bought one with a Coca-Cola shape. When I brought her home, Jack and Jill couldn't hide their joy. They started "sheeying Jama" by uttering gleeful barks. They were all over her. At night, when I came out to see what the two would do, I saw them standing beside Lily. I essayed to drive them away to see whether they will go to Rudy, but they dissented. After Lily came in, neither Jack nor Jill ever went to Rudy again.

The story of these dogs presents the natural order of God's creation. As observed in animals, males are attracted to females and vice versa. Any breach of this arrangement is wrong (Rom. 1:26, 27)! Homosexuality is an abomination to God (Lev. 18:22; 1 Cor. 6:9, 10). He detests it so much that the Bible provided space to record an example of its shameful occurrence to underscore why he erased the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen. 18:20; 19:4-11,23-25).

In this light, what are we to do in the wake of the mixed reactions surrounding the LGBTQs' illegal and immoral activities in Ghana? I believe those involved need help even though they don't acknowledge it. They need our love, prayers, deliverance, and counseling. Inarguably, some homosexuals never chose this radical path intentionally. They probably developed it from a mixed identification with their opposite-sex parent during their early growth stages (de Kuyper, 1993). Hence, you and I could have been in their shoes.

Opposing them insensitively by ostracizing them and enacting laws to punish them may not necessarily be the (only) ideal way. Unless our murderous prison system is refashioned, it can hardly be a place of transformation. At worst, it would be a den of homosexuals who would likely influence other naive sexually hungry inmates. Then again, we can't just sit unconcerned. Even so, the unguarded public threat isn't the best option. History has taught its students over and over again that any group that is persecuted metamorphosizes and grows exponentially.

Therefore, let us be prayerful, prudent and meticulous as a country in the way we tackle this issue at hand. Whatever measures the government initiates to deal with the homosexuals, I suggest that a conscientious redemption plan should be included to redeem those who are redeemable. Christians and other moralists shouldn't take the law into their own hands. After all, the Ultimate Judge knows best and will reward each and everyone accordingly.

May God be our guide in these matters.

Enjoy the Grace of God!