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Opinions of Friday, 14 January 2011

Columnist: Mensema, Akadu N.

JJ & Awoonor Eat “Keta School Boys” to Poison Mills

*By Akadu Ntiriwa Mensema, Ph. D.

“Rawlings accuses Awoonor of usurping powers of ‘lonely’ Mills [by secretly
appointing the rapist Stan Dogbe as a presidential aide to Mills without Mills’
knowledge]” (Myjoyonline Jan 5, 2011). See the audio link:
JJ the demonizing agent
Holier than thou
Time to leave Mills alone

Kofi Awoonor
His savage tribalism
His lunatic Ghana Revolution
His defense of masochistic Trokosi
His secret appointment of a Rapist
Sitting atop the Council of State
Thieves of $50, 000 4 X 4 car-loans
Aging Council thieves with 4 X 4s
Thieves who aborts life
Of futureless street children
Of kids schooling under trees
Awonoor anoints Stan Dogbe
Dogbe fired by a radio station
A Rapist as a Presidential Aide
JJ in a Ridge-Fire mode
JJ blames Mills
JJ Obonsam Fireman
One-man Ridge Fire Service
The toxic hypocrisy of JJ
Full circling lunatic poise
Blaming Mills for Awoonor’s tribalism
Kofi Awonoor, JJ’s pillar of tribalism
Kofi Awonoor, JJ’s trailblazing tribalist
Disguising hate as heritage

JJ chokes on Keta School Boys
JJ’s favorite heritage meal
Dished by his favorite Cook
Awoonor’s dish of Keta Boys
Keta School Boy Stan Dogbe
Keta School Boys served to Mills
Mills poisoned by Awonoor’s dish

Kofi Awoonor
The great tribal patriot
Rawlings’ heroes
Tsatsu Tsikata the Wizard
Kofi Awoonor the Gifted
The tribalistic cornerstone of JJ
Of JJ’s political hallucination
Of his Dzelukope dreams
Of his banal probity
Of his malignant rhetoric
Of his impenetrable revolution

Rawlings’ daily howling
Trapping Snail Mills
At the least opportunity
Mills the poodle
Decorated, bedecked
In Swedru flowers
The tail-wagging poodle
The poodle that became a lion
Fante lion has tamed JJ
The Obonsam Fireman
He who burns it all
Has burnt Nkrumah
Has burnt Busia
Has burnt Kutu
Has burnt Liman
Has burnt Kufour
Has set fire to Mills
Flaming it
Bellowing it
The celebrated killer
The arsonist of Ridge

JJ & Awonoor in a full circle
The Ghana Revolution
Pivoted on tribal supremacy
Tribalism in Ghana
Birthed by Awonoor
Patented by Awonoor
The Ghana Revolution

Full circling
The hypocrisy of JJ
Full circling as usual
Blaming Mills for Awoonor’s tribalism
Kofi Awonoor, JJ’s tribalized pillar
Kofi Awonoor, JJ’s trailblazing tribalist

Kofi Awoonor atop it all
Atop thievery Council of State
Trailblazing tantalizing tribalism
Appoints RAPIST Stan Dogbe
Hmm! Fired by a radio station
As a Presidential Aide to Mills
From a jobless Rapist to an Aide
Oh! Mills is full circled
Circled by Keta School Boys
Mills is drowning in the Keta Sea

Mills has made JJ a buffoon
JJ the ranting buffoon
Oh! Atta demonized like Liman
But Atta has remained stoic
JJ & Awoonor choke on it all
Choke on your huge appetite
Of poisonous Keta School Boys
Leave Mills alone to rule

*Akadu N. Mensema, Ph. D., is a nationalist Denkyira beauty. She is a trained
oral historian cum sociologist and Professor in the USA. She lives in
Pennsylvania with her great mentor and teaches Africa-area studies at a college
in Maryland. In her pastime, she writes what critics have called “populist
hyperbolic, satirical” poetry. She can be reached at