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Opinions of Sunday, 24 October 2010

Columnist: The Catalyst

JJ AND Mills- NDC Needs Both for 2012

The above story, NDC Needs both JJ and Mills for 2012 General Elections which appeared on the front page of Monday 20th of September 2010 issue of the Catalyst was an excellent presentation of truth and realities of life situation that should guide lovers of truth and the great political party NDC.
I humbly call on all good wishers of the party listen carefully to Mr. Desmond Darko’s advice and bold admonition to the party members who genuinely want to retain the party in power in 2012.
His argument is simple- that NDC must know by now that both the former President Jerry John Rawlings and President Evans Attah Mills are indispensable in building and sustaining the Party NDC and for that matter working for the victory and success of the party. This Mr. Desmond rightly said in the opening of the story ; I quote, “Rule out either former President Jerry John Rawlings or John Evans Atta Mills and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) will be in for a hard time in the 2012 general elections”
Let me put it in a different way, in the teachers’ language. Africa without Madagascar is not Africa. My analogy is that NDC members must realize that NDC with Rawlings and without Mills is not complete and the vice versa.
This is because Rawlings still has a huge following nationwide as Desmond emphasized and President Mills on the other hand commands a lot of respect among Ghanaians who will be eager to retain him as president over NPP’s Nana Akufo-Addo and this can only happen with a united NDC as the Bible says in Mathew 12:25, A house divided against itself will not stand.
As a well wisher, though not a member of the party, who would like to see NDC in power after 2012, I wish to appeal to the two great pillars of the party to accept their responsibilities towards the party, have respect for each other’s capabilities and honor one another, knowing that “ One tree does not make a forest and resolve to bring together the factions within the party for real business of retaining power, come 2012.
The ongoing attempts by some to play down either Rawlings or Mills will not help anyone except to spell doom of the party. A stitch in time saves nine. I therefore urge the pro JJ and Mills factions to burry their grievances if they really love the party in particular and Ghana in general.
Finally, I would like to reiterate Desmond Darko’s candid admonition that NDC should understand that without former President Rawlings and President Mills the party will suffer great humiliation in the next elections.
Mr. Darko must be commended for his timely admonition that the panacea of NDC’s difficulties would be the mixture of JJ and Mills of winning victory for NDC come 2010.
Alexander Mackay
Source: The Catalyst