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Opinions of Sunday, 30 December 2007

Columnist: Abirekyiba, Kofi Sammy

JAK where are you?


These are the trips for the frequent flyer president that we have. On the average he spends two days at each location. Each day draws him a per diem amount of $3000.00. Ladies and gentlemen you do the maths.Tiabodom, Ashtown and Gyadamu need electricity and a health center.


2007-12-07 President Kufuor departs for Portugal-SHOW US THE MONEY

2007-11-22 President Kufuor leaves for Kampala-MAY BE AU

2007-11-14 Kufuor leaves for Freetown tomorrow-DITTO

2007-10-27 Kufuor leaves for the United Kingdom-SHOWS US THE MONEY

2007-10-23 Kufour to "division himself into twice"?-FOR WHAT?

2007-10-22 President Kufuor to visit UK-HOW MANY TIMES? AND FOR WHAT

2007-10-17 Kufuor leaves for Equatorial Guinea-MAY BE AU

2007-10-03 Kufuor leaves for Addis-Ababa-MAY BE AU

2007-09-26 Kufuor's One-Week Vanishing Act-WHERE WERE YOU JAK?

2007-09-24 Kufuor's Canada trip was "cancelled"-TELL US THE TRUTH

2007-09-22 President Kufuor Arrives In New York-KOBY DID NOT SEE HIM

2007-09-14 Kufuor off to Canada-TIMPA DID NOT SEE HIM THERE

2007-08-17 President Kufuor arrives in Gabon-MAY BE AU

2007-08-15 President Kufuor leaves for Congo-MAY AU

2007-07-13 Kufuor makes 3 foreign trips per month-TO ACCUMULATE PER DIEM

2007-06-14 Kufuor leaves for Nigeria-MAY BE, MAY BE AU

2007-06-13 Kufuor leave for Abuja on Friday-DITTO

2007-06-03 President Kufuor leaves for G8 Summit-TO KISS THEIR BUTT

2007-06-03 Kufuor arrives in Geneva-TO DEPOSIT MONEY INTO HIS ACCT.

2007-05-29 President Kufuor in Abuja-TO STUDY 419 101

2007-05-28 President Kufuor in Egypt-MAY BE AU

2007-05-21 Kufuor Leaves for four-nation "tour"-FOR WHAT?

2007-05-14 President Kufuor leaves for Libya-FOR $50MILLION

2007-05-04 Kufuor to visit South Africa on Sunday-MAY BE AU

2007-04-27 Kufuor leaves for Abuja-MAY BE AS AU CHAIRMAN

2007-04-03 President leaves for Senegal-DITTO

2007-03-22 The President is back-FROM WHERE

2007-03-21 President Kufuor in Algeria-MAY BE AU AS CHAIRMAN ....

2007-03-18 President To Visit Portuga-SHOWS US THE MONEYl

2007-03-12 Kufuor leaves for UK-SHOW ME THE MONEY

2007-02-14 President Kufuor leaves for France-SHOW ME/US THE MONEY

2007-02-12 President off to Benin

2007-01-27 President leaves for AU Summit-WHERE I DOUBT IT

2007-01-26 Kufuor leaves for Ethiopia On Saturday-CUT HIM SOME SLACK AU MEETING 2007-01-18 Kufuor leaves for Burkina Faso Today-GO TO TAMAE AND WALK

2006-12-11 President Kufuor on state visit to Mali-GO BY CARMEL

2006-11-28 Kufuor to attend African-South American Summit-SINCE WHEN

2006-11-09 President Kufuor in Tokyo-TO EAT SUSHI

2006-11-08 Kufuor Expected In Tokyo On Thursday-

2006-10-31 President departs for summits in China, South Korea-TO EAT FRIED RICE

2006-10-30 Kufuor to visit China and Korea-DITTO

2006-10-29 President Kufuor Junkets-BS ...

2006-10-13 Kufuor Off To Italy On Saturday-TO TASTE PIZZA FOR THE 1ST TIME

2006-09-26 President Kufuor returns home-FROM WHERE?

2006-09-12 Kufuor Departs For Cuba-FOR WHAT?...

2006-08-09 Kufuor's 127 Foreign Trips Yield Benefits-SHOW US THE MONEY....

2006-08-01 Who Is Advising President Kufuor Not To Stay At Home? –NANA AKUFFO-ADDO

2006-07-28 President Kufuor leaves for US-TO KISS BUSH’S BEHIND

2006-07-25 Kufuor Leaves For Liberia On Wednesday-MAY BE AU

2006-07-19 Kufuor to visit Liberia, DC, Cuba, NY, Bucharest, Beijing etc-WOW!!!

2006-07-04 Kufuor leaves for the UK-FOR WHAT?

2006-07-04 President Kufuor arrives in London-DITTO

2006-07-03 31 Foreign Trips In 18 Months!-THERE YOU GO!!!!!!!!!!

Abirekyiba Kofi Sammy, Atimpoku

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