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Opinions of Sunday, 30 December 2007

Columnist: Abirekyiba, Kofi Sammy

JAK where are you?

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These are the trips for the frequent flyer president that we have. On the average he spends two days at each location. Each day draws him a per diem amount of $3000.00. Ladies and gentlemen you do the maths.Tiabodom, Ashtown and Gyadamu need electricity and a health center.


2007-12-07 President Kufuor departs for Portugal-SHOW US THE MONEY

2007-11-22 President Kufuor leaves for Kampala-MAY BE AU

2007-11-14 Kufuor leaves for Freetown tomorrow-DITTO

2007-10-27 Kufuor leaves for the United Kingdom-SHOWS US THE MONEY

2007-10-23 Kufour to "division himself into twice"?-FOR WHAT?

2007-10-22 President Kufuor to visit UK-HOW MANY TIMES? AND FOR WHAT

2007-10-17 Kufuor leaves for Equatorial Guinea-MAY BE AU

2007-10-03 Kufuor leaves for Addis-Ababa-MAY BE AU

2007-09-26 Kufuor's One-Week Vanishing Act-WHERE WERE YOU JAK?

2007-09-24 Kufuor's Canada trip was "cancelled"-TELL US THE TRUTH

2007-09-22 President Kufuor Arrives In New York-KOBY DID NOT SEE HIM

2007-09-14 Kufuor off to Canada-TIMPA DID NOT SEE HIM THERE

2007-08-17 President Kufuor arrives in Gabon-MAY BE AU

2007-08-15 President Kufuor leaves for Congo-MAY AU

2007-07-13 Kufuor makes 3 foreign trips per month-TO ACCUMULATE PER DIEM

2007-06-14 Kufuor leaves for Nigeria-MAY BE, MAY BE AU

2007-06-13 Kufuor leave for Abuja on Friday-DITTO

2007-06-03 President Kufuor leaves for G8 Summit-TO KISS THEIR BUTT

2007-06-03 Kufuor arrives in Geneva-TO DEPOSIT MONEY INTO HIS ACCT.

2007-05-29 President Kufuor in Abuja-TO STUDY 419 101

2007-05-28 President Kufuor in Egypt-MAY BE AU

2007-05-21 Kufuor Leaves for four-nation "tour"-FOR WHAT?

2007-05-14 President Kufuor leaves for Libya-FOR $50MILLION

2007-05-04 Kufuor to visit South Africa on Sunday-MAY BE AU

2007-04-27 Kufuor leaves for Abuja-MAY BE AS AU CHAIRMAN

2007-04-03 President leaves for Senegal-DITTO

2007-03-22 The President is back-FROM WHERE

2007-03-21 President Kufuor in Algeria-MAY BE AU AS CHAIRMAN ....

2007-03-18 President To Visit Portuga-SHOWS US THE MONEYl

2007-03-12 Kufuor leaves for UK-SHOW ME THE MONEY

2007-02-14 President Kufuor leaves for France-SHOW ME/US THE MONEY

2007-02-12 President off to Benin

2007-01-27 President leaves for AU Summit-WHERE I DOUBT IT

2007-01-26 Kufuor leaves for Ethiopia On Saturday-CUT HIM SOME SLACK AU MEETING 2007-01-18 Kufuor leaves for Burkina Faso Today-GO TO TAMAE AND WALK

2006-12-11 President Kufuor on state visit to Mali-GO BY CARMEL

2006-11-28 Kufuor to attend African-South American Summit-SINCE WHEN

2006-11-09 President Kufuor in Tokyo-TO EAT SUSHI

2006-11-08 Kufuor Expected In Tokyo On Thursday-

2006-10-31 President departs for summits in China, South Korea-TO EAT FRIED RICE

2006-10-30 Kufuor to visit China and Korea-DITTO

2006-10-29 President Kufuor Junkets-BS ...

2006-10-13 Kufuor Off To Italy On Saturday-TO TASTE PIZZA FOR THE 1ST TIME

2006-09-26 President Kufuor returns home-FROM WHERE?

2006-09-12 Kufuor Departs For Cuba-FOR WHAT?...

2006-08-09 Kufuor's 127 Foreign Trips Yield Benefits-SHOW US THE MONEY....

2006-08-01 Who Is Advising President Kufuor Not To Stay At Home? –NANA AKUFFO-ADDO

2006-07-28 President Kufuor leaves for US-TO KISS BUSH’S BEHIND

2006-07-25 Kufuor Leaves For Liberia On Wednesday-MAY BE AU

2006-07-19 Kufuor to visit Liberia, DC, Cuba, NY, Bucharest, Beijing etc-WOW!!!

2006-07-04 Kufuor leaves for the UK-FOR WHAT?

2006-07-04 President Kufuor arrives in London-DITTO

2006-07-03 31 Foreign Trips In 18 Months!-THERE YOU GO!!!!!!!!!!

Abirekyiba Kofi Sammy, Atimpoku

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