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Opinions of Sunday, 23 January 2011

Columnist: Adjei, Gideon

Ivory Coast needs Ghana,The Big Brother!

President Atta Mills has made his position clear to Ghanaians "the essence of no
military action to solve the ivorian crises" yet some people don't get it.Busia
was strongly against arms struggle in solving South African independence movement
yet some elements with his tradition are advocating military action to solve
Ivorian crises.
Ghana became a big brother in African affairs after independence.Osagyefo
Dr.Nkrumah made a passionate proclamation that "Ghana independence is meaningless
unless it is link up with the total liberation of Africa". President Kaunda of
Zambia saw Nkrumah's proclamation as a fulfillment of Great commandment in the
gospel narrative. When Guinea became weak after taken independence path against
the choice of France,Ghana became a big brother to Guinea. Ghana was in Congo to
aid Lumumba the weak brother. As matter of fact, Ghana played a big brother role
for many Africa countries like Mali,Benin,Nigeria,Togo,Zambia and many others
across Africa.
Now Nkrumah's generation of Ghana big brother can not be seen. Even Nkrumah's big
brother mentality is strongly opposed by many Ghanaians today. Thus Ali Muzzier
called Nkrumah a great African but a bad Ghanaian.
Ivory Coast(Cote d'Voir) needs Ghana now! Going to war can never solve Ivorian
issues. Apart from sharing common humanity with Ivory Coast,Ghana,Ivory and Togo
have strong family and blood connections. Most ethnic groups and families in Ghana
have Ivorian connections. To begin with,Gyamans,Brongs and Dormas in Ivory Coast
have blood relations with all Aduana clan family in Ghana towns like
Asumegya,Kumawu,Agogo,Nyinahin,Kwamang and many Aduana clan in Ashanti
region.Techiman,Dormaa Ahenkro,New Drobo among others have strong Aduana
connections with Gyamans and Brongs of Ivory Coast.Akwamu,Aburi,Asaremankesse,Obo
in Eastern region have blood connections with Aduana Gyaman people in Ivory Coast.
Twifo Hemang and many Abrade/Aduana families in central region have the same blood
connection with Ivory Coast. Some Osu people in G/Accra region(of Akwamu heritage)
have connections with Gyaman people of Ivory Coast.Akwamus,Anlos and Ewes along
Volta frontiers have mixed background and have some elements of Aduana blood with
their ivorian Gyamans.
Nzemas,Sehwis,Aowins in Ghana have Baules,Anyis,Aowins and many other tribes in
Ivory coast as blood relatives.Ktokosossi on Ghana Togo border has connections
with Nzima,Baules and Anyis of Ivory Coast. Baules of Ivory Coast have Oyoko/Adako
blood in them with a strong connections to Metropolitan Asantes.Bandas,Nafanas
,Libys and some tribes in Northern and Upper West have family connections in Ivory
The colonial identities as Anglophone and Francophone have destroyed this rich
heritage. Ghana needs to put debate of war in Ivorian crises aside and become a
big brother to help Ivory Coast. President Mills and President Rawlings had taken
a good position that is good for the nation. Ivory Coast needs Ghana the big
brother and not debate and war.

Gideon Adjei(Universalist)