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Opinions of Sunday, 14 August 2016

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

It hurts to tell the truth, doesn't it?

It is human nature among Africans, especially Ghanaians, to hate someone who tells the truth, especially when their truthful narrations do not sit well with you. When you have evil intentions that the truth comes to expose, yes, you will passionately hate the narrator, thus, whoever, is coming out with the truth. This is so with Africans but not the Whites.

Not long ago, some NDC fanatics sought to massacre me psychologically by their most abhorrent comments passed on my published feature article on Ghanaweb titled, “NDC man blows the lid off their secret interactions with Charlotte Osei”. They were in their multitude heaping insults on me for revealing to the public their nefarious covert activities with Charlotte Osei that are intended for rigging election 2016 for NDC and President Mahama.

President Mahama and almost all the top NDC members both in government and outside government, will bear me out that my reported revelation was not a figment of my imagination but the ongoing gospel truth. This is the reason why the woman comes out with plans that are unfavourable to the opposition parties and the majority of Ghanaians, but are always unrelentingly supported by the NDC.
Following their secret ongoing interactions with Charlotte Osei, the NDC have the shameless audacity to come out with their chests puffed out, telling the Ghanaian public that President Mahama is on course to win election 2016 “one touch”. Upon all the unrivalled economic hardships and utter lawlessness he has brought to bear on Ghanaians, the NDC go out declaring that he will win election 2016 as if Ghanaians are so stupid to wash their face upwards.

How can the President stubbornly continue to manage Ghana far worse than he would manage his farm in the Sun scorched hinterlands of Ghana? Why does the President see the country’s money as his personal wealth that he has unrestrained right to distribute among his favourites at the expense of the suffering Ghanaian masses and still be sure of winning election 2016 hands down?

Whatever the reactions of those ignorant NDC fanatics passing scathing comments on the said article with the objective of throwing dust into people’s eyes; trying to get them to believe that they are not in bed with the Chair of the Electoral Commission, Mrs Charlotte Osei, the fact still remains that they hold covert, but regular meetings with her on how best to rig the election for President Mahama and the NDC.

The top gurus of NDC are scared that they will be imprisoned should Nana Akufo Addo and NPP come to power. This fear was first expressed by one Attivor who spent GHC3.5 million to rebrand some buses with the pictures of President Mahama. The rebranding, although as senseless and populist as the objective was, should have cost GHC1, 500 per bus but not GHC30, 500 as reported by Madam Attivor.

As corrupt as she is, same as the few well-positioned members of the NDC, they want to save their skin from rotting in prison for stealing from the public and ruining Ghana hence secretly arranging with Charlotte Osei to help them to continue to stay in power.

Whatever she does, she will be thwarted by the help of God. This is because the majority of Ghanaians are crying unto God for a change in government. They can no longer cope with the daily display of open corruption, cluelessness and incompetence, by President Mahama.

Whether those ignorant ones in NDC will insult me or not, it shall in no way deter me from telling the truth or exposing the evils they are committing under the cover of darkness.

What do you expect from people who walk with their stomach; liars from conception and are born great liars?

Go and ask her if she has not been holding secret meetings with some members of NDC in their plots to rig the election. But mind you, the wind of change that is blowing will be too great for their evil machinations to withstand, trust me.

Ghanaians cannot cope any further with the ruinous corruption in perpetuation by President Mahama and the NDC.
Akua Donkor has gifts of two Pajero cars and a house given by President Mahama. What have you, the ordinary NDC fanatic walking the streets of your various towns and villages? Don’t demean yourselves by doing things that will make you continue to live in penury. Don’t do the dubious bidding of those party members who take you for big time fools; baiting you with a pittance.

My revelations are eye-openers, read them and you shall never be the same. You will become wiser and behave more responsibly. You will not allow President Mahama to give you GHC50 to GHC500, to kill yourselves to vote, and to canvass, for him, only to later suffer hunger and poverty for many more years of your life.

Do not be like Esau who sold his birth-right to Jacob because of momentary hunger pains. He later regretted his act of stupidity and subsequently hated his brother with passion for some time.

Rockson Adofo