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Opinions of Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Columnist: Wuni, Ras Iddi

It Is Possible To Get The Miscreants In Bawku

IT IS POSSIBLE TO GET THE MISCREANTS IN BAWKU From: "Wuni Iddi" Date: Tue, January 15, 2013 3:40 pm To: "" Priority: Normal Options: View Full Header | View Printable Version | Download this as a file | View Message Details | Add to Address Book

It is very clear that the people of Bawku spoke strongly with one voice against the recent sporadic shootings in the Municipality and the subsequent death of innocent young men who have been denied their natural and constitutional right to live.

We all stood united, remained calm, tolerated the irresponsible acts of a few among the lot who are so desirous of peace and togetherness in Bawku. Yesterday it was someone's blood, tomorrow it could be you or me. In all this we have shown that we do not want to find ourselves taking arms against another brother.

The people of Bawku must be proud of themselves for keeping the situation in a way that is not calling for more blood. To the deceased family, friends and love ones i must say you have shown patience, tolerance and maturity. You have shown love to all the people of Bawku, i believe God will not forsake you and the good people who love tranquility. The security men and women must also be commended for doing their best even though it seemed too little. Certainly it should not be too late next time.

Now, in light of all this; the patience, the tolerance, the understanding that violence must not begot violence, and the constant cry for peace in Bawku, the people must rise up in the same one clear voice and demand from the security agencies to go all out and do whatever lawful and possible to bring to book these miscreants in the society. The security agencies must prove to the good people of Bawku that they can be trusted to flush out criminals who want to create trouble in the Municipality. Any failure to built the confidence and trust the people have in the security agencies will not send good signals to all and these criminal will repeat this kind of cruel act.

I am therefore appealing to all and sundry to continue to remain calm and united, and let us help the security agencies to ensure that these criminals are brought to justice and serve as a warning to others who would want to follow suit. But, the anus is on the security agencies to use this situation to prove their capability to deal with people who want to take everybody hostage.

The ball i think is now in the court of the security agencies in the Municipality. Wake up and do your job. Let the people continue to have confidence and trust in you to protect them and safe lives.

Thank you all, and may peace shine in Bawku.

BY: Ras Iddi Wuni Jnr