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Opinions of Saturday, 9 January 2016

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Is this a Logical Idea and Way of Doing Politics in Ghana? – Public, Please Help!

There is a famous saying that two wrongs never make a right. However, there are some people in the present-day Ghana political arena who do believe and think that they do.

Drawing from my decades of years of experience gained dwelling among our intelligent White contemporaries, a wrong is a wrong. A wrong to them, can be put right, but the wrong itself can never be right on its own. What do I mean by this, one may inquire?

Ever since living among the Whites, I have on many occasions come to realise that they withdraw certain pharmaceutical drugs from the system. These withdrawn drugs that had been successfully used for several years if not decades or centuries, to cure diseases, may be said to be dangerous to human health.

Once they detect that drugs contain certain components or chemicals that are dangerous or unhealthy to humans when continued to be used, they straight away withdraw them from the system. They have withdrawn and discontinued the use of drugs like periactin and many hair products.

Why don't I quote from the Wikipedia to make things easier for me as I have more pressing issues like my course work to attend to but have limited time on my hand?

"Some drugs have been withdrawn from the market because of risks to the patients. Usually this has been prompted by unexpected adverse effects that were not detected during Phase III clinical trials and were only apparent from post-marketing surveillance data from the wider patient community".

"This list is not limited to drugs that were ever approved by the FDA. Some of them (Lumiracoxib, Rimonabant, Tolrestat, Ximelagatran and Zimelidine, for example) were approved to be marketed in Europe but had not yet been approved for marketing in the US, when side effects became clear, their developers pulled them from the market".

These withdrawn drugs were once adored and classed as effective medication to some illnesses. They were used as such but when risks associated with them were discovered to be immense to impact negatively on human health and safety, they were pulled from sale without hesitation.

If it was with the Black people and in Africa, I think the drugs would never have been withdrawn from the market but will be in use until today. They will be arguing that the drugs once they had been used to successfully cure diseases in the past or healed others, why not continue to use them for other new patients?

I am now coming to tell the purpose of writing this piece for publishing today, 8 January 2016.

It is all about the alleged and proven Ghana's bloated voters register due to be used for conducting 2016 presidential and parliamentary elections.

Some very intelligent and wise people do argue that NPP have no right to agitate for the replacement of the voters register. By them, the same register was used by NPP to win elections 2000 and 2004. Furthermore, NPP attempted to claim victory of election 2012 using the same register. Why are they now claiming that the register is now bloated?

I do not see the sense in the argument by those who for the fact that NPP claimed, or attempted to claim, victory of elections or an election, the voters register must be maintained as it is even if it is heavily pregnant with errors.

Like the drugs the WISE and Most INTELLIGENT Whites withdraw from the market once some associated risky side effects are detected, even though the said drugs might once have been used successfully to heal many patients, so should the voters register be withdrawn and replaced with a proper one whether or not someone party did profit from it previously.

When the drugs are withdrawn, they are replaced by better ones until they too are proven risky if they do at all.

The drug analogy powerfully carries my message to Ghanaians. Therefore, I do not have to spend my precious time going over and over again explaining myself to the reading public.

If for the fact that we are black, and have black mind and mentality and so will behave as irresponsible Black people without intelligence and wisdom, unlike our White contemporaries, then let us carry on to behave so.

I still stand by replacing the voters register with a new one regardless of any argument supporting the maintaining of the current bloated one because NPP had once benefited from the same register.

Why some people and NDC are afraid of having a new voters register? Is it because of the false alarm raised by Alhaji Bature that NDC will lose election 2016 if they allowed for a new voters register? If that is the case, then they have done something to the register to benefit them in advance. Whatever they have connived with the Chair of the Electoral Commission to do to benefit them, we, the discerning Ghanaians, who believe in justice before peace will fight to expose it and deal with it squarely.

Are people not scared of my level of intelligence and wisdom when I use simple stories and analogies to home in my points? If you care to know how I became that wise, intelligent and fearless, I shall simply tell you that it is genetic; an inheritance from my parents!

Rockson Adofo