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Opinions of Thursday, 21 January 2010

Columnist: Mepeasem, Kwame

POEM: The outcome of the NDC congress, good or bad? Part ii

The writing is on the wall

The drawing so bright

The imminent so clear

For a battle is afoot

The troops close in

As vultures gather

Ready for the kill

Their orders unmistakable

The target so calm

Usurping is the name

The way out too sordid

The consequences grave

For bowing to Baal, HE will not

And Baal will not be stopped

He shall not stop

He will push

He will fight

For the Kingdom is his

And forever remain

Interference he will not brook

A quarter he will not give

For the Kingdom is his

His understanding differs

Democracy his foot

Autocracy his aim

And that will be his bane

He takes credit

For the success of others

Retribution his game

He forgets so soon

The work of others

The young, the bold, the eloquent

The determined

The dedicated

The key to their recent success

Whilst the old guns slept

These men walked

The moderates, those who draw the undecided

For they should largely get credit

They brought a new slate to the dark page

That which did not exist

But they came with HIM

This, Baal will ignore

For he does not see

His vision tunneled by hate

Channeled by his thirst for dominion

Will they acquiesce?

Will a puppet emerge?

For this road will their achievements end

For this the voters will not take

For peace the people prefer

And will quickly return the elephants, whilst the umbrella goes to provide shade in the forest

Silently waiting, putting their house in order

For the bush cannot contain them

Will not contain them

The elephants too organized

With no clear superior

Consensus building their rule

Mutual respect their key

For therein lies their strength

They may flounder

But surely they will get there

Kwame Mepeasem