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Opinions of Sunday, 6 January 2013

Columnist: Afoun, John

Is the NPP turning Ghana into a banana republic


As a firm believer in the principles of democracy, and a Strong advocate for tribal unity and corruption free Ghana, and as someone who firmly believes that perpetrators of corruption and tribalism should be brought to justice and face the full extent of the law; I was one of those who initially supported the NPP’s decision to go to court to seek re-dress provided there is enough evidence to do so, which is the right thing to do in any democratic society. However, the inconsistencies in the NPP’S actions have since changed my position somewhat. Ghana’s interest must supersede that of any political party or individual’s interest. And if Ghana is to become a fully-fledged democratic society, elections must be free and fair. Therefore, if the allegations have basis, then the democratic process would have been compromised, Ghana’s integrity undermined, and the NPP’s course of action justified, and therefore deserves national support in demanding justice.

To keep quite in the face of injustice and corruption would be unfair, unjust, and morally wrong and dis-service to our beloved country Ghana. It is our collective responsibility and duty to challenge injustice and corruption whenever we have the opportunity. And under circumstances whatsoever should we neither accept nor tolerate corruption nor tribalism in any form or shape. At first, it appeared that the NPP had noble intentions; to seek justice through the court system and thereby deepen Ghana’s pursuit of democracy, which is commendable. However, given how events have unfolded in the past few days including but not limited to the call to boycott Mr. Mahama’s inauguration ceremony, it now appears that, perhaps the NPP are just sore losers, with a hidden agenda attempting to cause confusion and division. If the intent is to cause confusion and division then they have failed. No single entity should be allowed to hold Ghana hostage. The collective will of the people must prevail and respected.

This latest move by the NPP and its supporters including those elected to parliament to boycott Mr. Mahama’s inauguration ceremony is outrageous, unpatriotic and very divisive. Where is the Statesmanship and love of Country they so much talk about? What benefit is there to be gained from boycotting the inauguration ceremony? The proper course of action in my humble opinion is for the NPP’s leadership to petition the Supreme Court for an injunction to stop the inauguration ceremony until the case has been decided as opposed to calling for boycott. It leaves one to wonder what the really agenda of the NPP is here! When Al Gore suspected wrong doing in Florida during the 2000 American presidential election, He petitioned the court and waited patiently for the court’s decision. Neither he nor the Democratic Party called for the boycott of Bush’s inauguration ceremony. On the contrary, AL Gore and the Democratic Party’s members of Congress attended the inauguration ceremony and congratulated Bush and called it a day.

Why did we not hear boycott when J.J Rawlings was elected twice? And why did we not hear boycott when the Late Atta Mills was elected in 2008? why the talk of boycott now?.

Given the way the NPP treated the late Aliu Mahama, could it be that the NPP and its flag bearer Nana Akofu Ado are having difficulty in accepting the outcome of the election because they still believe a northerner should not be president of Ghana? I sincerely hope am wrong, but if I am right, then BIG SHAME on the NPP and Nana Akufo -Addo for that matter. Ghana belongs to all Ghanaians and any qualified Ghanaian elected by the simple majority should be accepted and celebrated irrespective of the person’s tribal background. The NPP should learn to accept that our northern brothers and sisters are just as good as the rest of us to occupy the highest office in the land. My advice, the NPP should get over it already, concede, congratulate Mr. Mahama, re-group and move on, it is called good statesmanship.


God bless Ghana and long live Ghana.

Komla – The self – Proclaimed Peace Broker (USA)