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Opinions of Monday, 9 April 2018


‘Patapaa is a waste of space’- My Candid opinion on the 'One Corner' crooner

Fame is everything an underground Musician or Artiste crave for , but when achieved, it can be a blessing or a curse to the artiste.We have been in the industry and witnessed one time hit makers like Dr Cryme, Atom, Stay Jay, Zigi, Eduwodzi, Nana Boro, Dr. slim, Okuraseni Samuel, Andy , FBS etc.

The question is where are these artistes now ? Were they not talented enough or they couldn't utilize or manage the stardom?Is it down to the management or what could be the problem ?

One of such artiste that is really enjoying stardom now is Agona Swedru's Patapaa Amisty . Around August last year the whole nation was 'intoxicated' with the tune 'one corner ' accompanied by its crazy dance that went viral even across the shores of Ghana.

Great personalities could not be left out of the 'one corner ' tune and dance craze .Amidst its controversies One corner was a rhythm that silenced top artistes for some time. Some industry players or enthusiastic are tipping 'one corner ' for the most popular song of the year .Quite debatable as one corner couldn't even last for 3 months in Ghana.

Though its still a hit in Nigerian and some parts of Africa, I pity the artiste as he is not utilizing the chance to make 'big money '. Boy! wake up from your slumber . This is showbiz( Show Business)We have witnessed Legends in the Music industry that died a pauper because they failed to utilize their time in their hay days .

I may sound harsh but it is evident that Patapaa Amisty has no talent. OOuch! the truth hurts. Fans of Patapaa popularly known as ' Pa2pa soldiers' will brand me as envious of Patapaa's fame . The cheek of it , fame without money is futile , fame without investment is bogos , One minute fame is sickening , I can go on and on .

What he is experiencing now is out of sheer 'luck' and should give credit to Agona Swedru's finest radio station for promoting him and pushing him to get this far.

Can you mention any banger from Patapaa apart from 'One corner ' .That is how irrelevant you become in the industry when you are not talented and lack intelligence.

Does he have a manager at all ? If yes then the so called manager is just a ' follow back' I look at Patapaa Amisty and I cry. He looks like a confused old man in pampers with no creativity or what so ever.

The village lifestyle is written all over him .His photos circulating on social media makes me want to puke anytime I see them. What happened to studio photoshoot? He has made an impact with his hit song 'one corner' but still disrespected by event organisers and other top artistes don't even recognize him.

Patapaa should eradicate his pride and call on Kwaw Kese for counselling,as 'the man insane ' utilize his hay days . And is still relevant in the industry even though he is not recording hit songs.Now, hope you getting the picture am painting .The likes of Shatta Wale , Sarkodie and Stonebwoy will still be called for shows when they are not even making hits.

This is because of their brand. That is what my good friend Patapaa is lacking .No brand , No creativity , No talent ! Poor him .what is patapaa's brand or identity; Is it by inculcating controversies with Kumchacha ? This controversy is 'nonfa' . How is a Pastor going to push your dying career.

To top it up he recorded a song dubbed " Kumchacha" . Is Patapaa and his management really serious at all. I hit the nail right on the head devoid of subjectivity or personal affiliation with artiste .My take or my opinion , not perturbed by ignorant comments from his shallow minded and uncivilized fans and that can not deter me to speak my mind.

Talented artistes in Swedru like Jenerah Rojah, Nana Kweku Vypa , Remedy Dis and Dat etc wouldn't miss this great opportunity Patapaa is under utilizing , they will grip it with ease and make good use of it with their talents n creativity.

The world the they say is really unfair. The Self-acclaimed King of Jama is full of pride and mistakes criticisms for hate , that's immaturity .My dear Celebrity , since you are a public figure now , Your personal relationship will even be public and not to talk of your 'wack' songs which can be classified as examples of 'noise pollution ' disturbing the ears of listeners with unnecessary 'Jama' tunes and poor content that does not even cross the borders of Swedru .Most of his songs and even one corner which became an instant hit were not radio friendly and one corner for instance was played on radio because of the nationwide hit .

Patapaa Amisty, One minute Celebrity face the real world, criticisms are part of the game , Wake up ! Don't let the little fame delude your mind . Fashion wise zero; public appeal zero; lyrically zero; talent wise zero ; et al . I can't pin point a single strength of Patapaa musically ..No , not even one strength; all I see around him are sycophants following him here and there just for the ' token' they get from him. So pathetic. Does he have a management team or body guards? Well your guess is as good as mine .

To cut my long story short and not to bore my cherished readers with my childish talk as the shallow minds will see it . Now the real deal is Patapaa should up his game and rectify certain loop holes in his music career before it is too late .Many will say he got a feature on the latest banger 'Akwaaba' by GuiltyBeatz ft Pappy Kojo and Mr Eazi. Feature on a song ; OMG! let me pause here . The lyrics on that song was like a one year old child learning how to master nursery rhymes . who does that on a feature . Credit to guiltybeatz for the amazing beat . Patapaa is a symbol of mockery whenever he records a song with funny lyrics and at times I wonder if he is a 'village Comedian'. He has turned into a laughing stock on social media.His title of songs and contents are like pizza and 'hausa koko' vast difference. He may win awards with one corner but the question is after 'one corner' what next ?

Friendly advice to Justice Amoah a.k.a Patapaa; You can take it or leave it . know your identity or your brand; get yourself a fashion sense or better still employ a 'fashionista' to help you polish your wardrobe because the inferior outfits are too many ;get a credible management team ; get a songwriter like what Adina, Efya, Mzvee and co are doing , don't worry if you are classified as a female singer afterwards;get to school , you really need adult education; try to be versatile, the jama is too much; check your sound quality , the 'demos' are too much; check who to jab , don't just spark unnecessary controversies; always try to stay updated; and the last but not the least stay humble and remove that 'plug of pride' in your heart so that you will make yourself available to learn .

I write this piece not of hate for Patapaa but for the Love of Ghana and Central Region as a whole. As a musician learn from the likes of Sarkodie and Shatta wale , they should always be used as case study. One is controversial and the other is influential. patapaa is none of this . So Ghana's finest celebrity , Patapaa learn to stay relevant else your music career will deteriorate in a short time and you might die a poor man with no investment just like our legendary Musicians. A word to the wise is enough . Always stay relevant wherever you are and utilize the opportunity you get .

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