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Opinions of Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Is the Chief Justice stalling adjudication of the Kumawu chieftaincy dispute?

Following the petition made to the Chief Justice, Mrs Theodora Georgina Wood, by both the Registrar of the Judicial Committee of the Ashanti Regional House of Chiefs and the purported Kumawuhene Barima Sarfo Tweneboa Kodua, the court hearing on whether or not Dr Yaw Sarfo has been gazetted as Kumawuhene has stalled. Until the Chief Justice answers both petitioners and notifies the court accordingly about her decision on their petition, the court or the judge has only to declare all matters relating to the hearing sine die.

I have queried through previous publications the substantive motive of the petitioners since in my own wisdom, I could find none after examining their self-incriminating offences and the facts and evidence available to either the court or as placed in the public domain.

I shall be happy to request any willing member of the reading public to familiarise themselves with my points raised that cast doubt about their so made petitions and any hesitations on the part of the Chief Justice to replying to them and the court, via the underlying web links.

The Chief Justice on receipt of their petitions, especially the one from the Registrar of the Judicial Committee of the Ashanti Regional House of Chiefs, was quick to acknowledge it hence the compelling circumstance on the Mampong Regional High Court to cease all further hearing of the case until otherwise instructed by the Chief Justice. All further proceedings have been adjourned sine die.

Some members from the side of the alleged Kumawuhene Barima Sarfo Tweneboa Kodua (Dr Yaw Sarfo in private life) are jubilant over what to them is the permanent stop to the efforts by the plaintiffs to officially nail Dr Yaw Sarfo down as having illegitimately been enstooled Kumawuhene by some purporting, but criminal, Ashanti Overlords and their accomplices.

Unless the Chief Justice is in their camp which I hope not, their newly found joy will be short-lived. It will be comparable to the morning dew that dissipates into the atmosphere as the Sun rises. Hosea 13:3 – "Therefore they will be like the morning mist, like the early dew that disappears, like chaff swirling from a threshing floor, like smoke escaping through a window" (NIV).

The people of Kumawuman have suffered a lot, and still continue to suffer a lot, from want of basic necessities of life, e.g. potable water, both private and public places of convenience etc. We shall therefore not tolerate any attempts by anyone that are directed at compounding our sufferings through acts of daylight raid on our limited wealth by playing on, or underrating, our intelligence.

People can petition the Chief Justice as and when they want but it is up to her to make judicious decisions, and swift of course.

The evidence and facts relating to the Kumawu case are all too clear and easy to understand by even a fool. Therefore, no power-that-be should try to tell Kumawuman people otherwise. I, Rockson Adofo, in particular, my patience is wearing thin by the day.

Enough is enough with the abuse of power and corruption by the so-called powerful people in Ghana.

Madam the Chief Justice, I am waiting for your stand on the Kumawu chieftaincy dispute. It will be known by how and how soon, you decide on the two reckless petitions sent to you by the mentioned registrar especially, and Dr Yaw Sarfo whose supporters have declared me as their enemy.

If by defending the collective interests of the people of Kumawuman some people, greedy bastards - courtesy of former President J. J. Rawlings, will see me as an enemy, so be it!

Rockson Adofo