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Opinions of Monday, 25 May 2015

Columnist: Morrison, Angelina K.

Is something dead in Ghanaians?

Let me gird my loins: today be today! To all my faithful readers, permit me to sidestep my cultivated artistry and fling aside my verbal callidity. For all those who criticise my writing style when some of us write, hoping to contribute our "chechepuee" to ensure the improvement of standards; today, I will write the way that Ghanaians speak. Yes, my critics should read and enjoy. After all, my style of writing takes time and effort. To be blunt: Is English our first language? So while avoiding spelling mistakes, prepare to read the way we speak.

What kwraaaa is the matter with us? Is it "s3k3" or what? What is our problem? Are we bewitched or what? What at all is worrying us, eh, Ghanaians? Habah!

Look at this country and ask yourself; to literally translate it from the Ga language: Is something dead in us?

Can't we see that we are lagging behind? Can't we see we are disgracing ourselves? Yes, this is no insult, but with all that we have learned from some of the best schools we have attended; is this the best we can do? The whole country is in chaos sustained by civil passivity.

And before I even hit on some issues, let me speak my mind. This is not a puerile outburst by a callow youth. Sorry, I am writing for Ghanaians. I should have written, "I am not behaving like a child." (Translate it into your local dialect).

In the last five months, due to a strong pull I could not handle, I chose to put pen to paper. I weep seeing that when I write and sprinkle my sentences with a few new words, there are many who start complaining. I ask myself, where do Ghanaians go and read to improve themselves? In fact, are Ghanaian papers or websites (not) set up to rival the BBCs, The New York Times, The Telegraphs and other world-class papers and journals?

I am yet to read any respected paper or visit any online portal, and find that people are complaining about "big" words, as we call it. What is the dictionary for? Is reading only for information? Is it not an opportunity to improve one's use of the language? Why are we so lazy? Is something dead in us; is that why we can't try to better ourselves?

Ohhhh, I see! We have the "crabology" spirit at work. The many lazy must keep the few bright ones at their level. The few successful must be brought down to join the numerous failures. Why can't we just change our bad attitude and reach for the stars? You can insult me oooo—I don't care! We have a serious problem. Yes, we do. You want information, don't you?

Look at the whole country. In fact, look at the leadership that we have. Believe me, some of the people we call leaders have no business being leaders, but the system is rotten, and anything is acceptable.

And it is not just leaders. It is a national canker. There are so many Christians in our country, and sadly, some who call themselves ministers but are nothing but thieves who lead ignorant people (astray). This does not mean there aren't good ones among us. Unfortunately, there are many who go to church and don't even bother reading their Bible. No, they are not interested in following the example of the Bereans. They are too lazy! Yes, something is dead within us making us so ignorant it hurts. It is unbelievable!

Speak to people abroad, and ask them their true opinions about our country. They will agree. We have a big problem, something is dead in us.

And as for this government and their lies, we will continue to drink it till we can't drink it any longer. And yes, after we are drunk, NPP will also come and add theirs. Yes, there is something dead in us, and we will gladly drink whatever we are served. They know there is something dead within us.

The constitution gives me the right to express myself, and I will do it within the given context and boundaries; but I will say it for the one-millionth time: there is something dead in us. And trust me; it is giving forth olid fumes.

Until we get rid of that thing that is dead in us, we will continue in this chaos of a country. And the "smart" (or what shall I call them?) ones among us will keep queuing at foreign embassies hoping to escape to better shores. To state it in our diction: they will go and try their luck somewhere else. And those who stay here, well, we will continue to swim in the mire—we are used to it. In fact, we are experts in handling suffering. We know how to explain and justify it.

Call what I am saying senseless, yes, insult me, but I have said it, and I will not change my mind. In fact, I have said it, and I will say it again: there is something dead in us!

We can argue and still stay the same, or we can choose to fix ourselves. If we do, we will wonder how we were able to endure living in a country like this for all this while. Yes, fix ourselves today, and our change will be a deasil corollary (I have used another big word... let the criticism begin!).

Perhaps, next time, the music from my talking drums will be more sensible or sonorous. Sorry, if this article jarred on your ears. Peccavi!

Angelina K. Morrison