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Opinions of Monday, 31 December 2007

Columnist: Bolus, Mercy Adede

Is our educational system failing the future of Ghana?

Why are final exams in junior, higher schools and Universities based purely on final exams rather than course work? It could be argued that our system of education is the best as it ensures that students really take the exams themselves. However in the Western societies course work accounts for the bulk of the marks.

For example what happens when a student falls ill during the course of the final term? Does he or she pass with the minimum grade or miss the whole year’s worth of learning? Why does our system continue to punish rather encourage students to go through too much stress and traumatised them trying to cram all they know before the examination day? Surely, this way of learning would put our youth off learning particular those with no role models at home. Could there be a better way of ensuring a fairer examination procedures?

It could be argued that our system rather encourages students to cheat during the exams time, as there is too much to cram in? Students do not see any carrots with learning process because learning is fun but we are just too serious. Some of our tutors are out of touch with current trends of teaching. How could our children reach their full potential?

Over in the developed world, there are some sorts of flexibility as to how students achieve their grade to enter the job markets. Course work in Britain accounts for about 40-60% of the final grading and final exams only 40-50%.

We need to perhaps include everyone regardless their background and financial capabilities to aspire to achieving there full potential through our educational system. Final examinations in some countries are no longer the way forward for wider participation. Continuously assessment is the way forward and it would be helpful for our educational system to evaluate this type of assessment whether it would fit in with our system. Does our educational system offer even have facilities to cope with children with autistic problems, dyslexic and students physical disabilities? We have a long way to go don’t we when it comes to providing adequate education for our future workforce? Why not we start something now future Presidential aspirants?

Why is our educational system so rigid and does not offer work experience to 15 yr. Old at the pivotal period of their lives, or career counselling. In some schools in the developed world schools have open evening whereby parents meet up with tutors to discuss their wards future prospects or educational progress. Who are we benching against anyway when it comes to education?

How could we survive the storms of a competitive market now that the world is just a click of a computer mouse? Wake up Ghana Government and all African nations. There is a dare need to emulate the best practice globally. Ghana in particular has no excuse not to match up with the educational development as we were once upon a time top on the educational ladder.

Would it be about time that we invest in all forms of education right from the nursery to University to ensure we achieve good quality education?

The future workforce for Ghana are the 5 year old among us and not 50 year old plus. We need to invest in their future in order to reshape the Ghanaian economy and change history.

The message is clear and simple. Ghana may need to invest in the education of our children now and put a stop all child labour for a better Ghana.

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