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Opinions of Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Columnist: Kingsley Akwaa

Is it because Aisha is Chinese and not Ghanaian?

Asia Huang Asia Huang

I saw the Chinese 31 years old woman cry and I felt really sorry for her. I felt sorry for her not because I believe she did no wrong, that is far from that.

Yes, I believe she has done Ghana lots of wrong that deserves its suiting punishment, but I still feel sorry for her because from an analytic point of view, I think she has only been used as a scapegoat while the main men behind her (Chiefs, political leaders, government appointees, leaders at the Minerals Commission, EPA, Heads of the security services, the influential persons and others in the country), the galamsey and its menace to the nation have been allowed to walk free.

Note, this young Chinese woman didn't outsmart the Ghanaian big men of which some have grey hair, she was never smarter than them, she could never be smarter than them and as a result could never have used them.

Actually, they used her, in fact, they rather greedily, intentionally and knowingly used her to rob the nation of its resources to satisfy their greed and selfishness.

Because for the past four years, she didn't point a gun to their heads to get her a land at different areas across Ghana, she didn't fly her equipment to the mining sites secretly, she didn't only use or hire Chinese for her operations, she didn't mine secretly at night and didn't smuggle her gold out of the country, so how then could she alone be held responsible for this galamsey and its menace while the big Ghana men behind her and this illegality who equally enjoyed these fruits be allowed to walk free.

These Ghanaian big men just like Aisha also need to be brought to book.

To conclude, I will applaud the Minister of Mines, Hon. Amewu and the President for their good work so far, and it has been good to me because I have always maintained Nana Addo is the best for this job, and he has continuously proven me right.