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Opinions of Saturday, 28 February 2009

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Is it Simply an Act of Stupidity or the Ghanaian Version of Civilization?

I can't get my ahead around it. With the chin supported in my palm trying silently to figure out the reasons for certain actions of ours which I find very offensive and incomprehensible, I get dazed, confused, and the walls seem to spin around and about to collapse on me. This very unusual sensation sends me falling backwards in what is a thud into my couch. Oh my God, "Ghana agya me adwendwen"

In this modern day and age, some Ghanaians still dote on the idea of casting evil spell on their rivals for no apparent reason. In Ghana, some people with limited scope of reasoning but full to the brim with evilness always see their rivals as bitterest enemies meant for good riddance. These guys with this sort of bizarre mentality will stop at nothing to eliminate their competitors from the face of the earth by resorting to casting evil spell on them via jujus or fetishism. Oh my God, what sort of human cockroaches they are. When vying for a position at work with your friend or another person, please don't see them as an enemy but a fellow human competitor with blood circulating around their body same as you. "What is good for the gander is also good for the goose". "Live and let me live", is the best social policy but not that, "all for me but nothing for you" type of philosophy.

A case scenario that has moved me to publish this article never ceases to amaze me. It beats my gumption. The very thought of it sends a chill up my spine. A guy proceeded home from the USA to contest with many others for a position as a District Chief Executive for his district. The fact of he residing abroad was more than enough to infuriate his counterparts residing in Ghana. They said, and I quote, "You cannot come from abroad in your big coats to contest for a post. We have suffered over here in Ghana for the NDC to win and so will never allow you to have the post even if they select you for it. What have you done for the party at the local or the district level to warrant the moral soundness of your decision to come down to contest for the position of the DCE?" Insinuating insults became his portion. As if that was not enough, an attempt was made on his life by some likely to lose contestants to exterminate him prematurely through the resort to juju. What a shame? Is it civilized to have done that? NO! Then the civilized ones must fight this act of ignorance which is predominant among Ghanaians. The guy from abroad had been contributing money into the national coffers of the NDC. The money contributions to the headquarters of the party enabled them mount a winning campaign to wrench away power from the NPP. Had his financial and other diverse contributions not equally bettered the chances of the NDC winning same as the foot-soldiers' efforts made by those at the local or district level where though, the NDC lost woefully? If each party's efforts had/have been helpful somehow, then why this brouhaha with the intended mischief? Those overflowing with malevolence should always be seen as selfish. Such lots only come to lord it over others but not to serve them. They aspire to line their pockets hence, their evil resorts.

This act of despicability is more evident in our chieftaincy wrangling. One always wants to kill the other in order to get the nod to become the next chief. This is really disgusting. The very mention of it upsets my stomach and makes me puke. Is it simply an act of stupidity or a modern day Ghanaian civilization? It is evil, and it needs to change, period!

Some Ghanaians do crave for getting super rich quicker without even bothering to expend any physical energy of theirs at any hard work. They don't want to wipe off a sweat but do desire to get immensely rich at the blink of the eye. They resort to what has become "Sikaduro". Some are understood to be required to make love to mentally deranged persons. Others are said to be obligated to present human parts which they strive to provide. Why can't they toil hard for the wealth they dream to possess but always want to resort to easy but dubious means? I don't in anyway believe in the existence of "Sikaduro". It is all a mirage but not to the perception of those wanting to get rich quicker. They will go every length to do whatever is demanded of them though as often irresponsible and damnable such requests may be. Shame on us! We need to change our dismal attitudes for the better. We are living in a modern world so our behaviours should reflect as such. It should by now be enough with such stupid uncivilized behaviours of some of us. For how long shall we remain objects of laughter because of our ridiculous behaviours?

Rockson Adofo, London