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Opinions of Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Columnist: Stephen Atta Owusu

Is infodemic on the new vaccines for COVID-19 pandemic misleading?

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Many diseases like polio, HIV/AIDS tuberculosis, and coronavirus have either killed or maimed mainly due to infodemic or wrong information. In the 70s about 1000 children in Senegal were given jabs of polio medicines. Later 30 percent of the children were maimed all due to infodemic.

What then is infodemic? It is an overabundance of information both online and offline. It includes deliberate attempts to disseminate wrong information to undermine public health response and advance alternative agendas of groups or individuals.

It is important to note that there is a difference between Pandemics, Epidemics, and Outbreaks. A pandemic is a disease that spreads across countries or continents. The disease affects more people and takes more lives. After careful observation and scrutiny, the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed and declared that COVD-19 is effectively a pandemic. The illness became severe and spread quickly over very wide areas and in several countries. On the other hand, an outbreak is when an illness happens in unexpected numbers. It may stay in one area or spread widely to other areas. The difference is that an outbreak can last for days, months or years. However, an epidemic is when an infectious disease spreads quickly to more people than experts could expect. A contagious disease may be considered an outbreak. It can also be an unknown disease that sweeps through a community. This disease has disappeared for several years and suddenly appears again. All these can be considered as an outbreak. Lastly Endemic is when an infectious disease spreads quickly to more people than experts would have expected. It usually affects a larger area than the outbreak. However, in this article, I will deal mainly with the COVID-19 pandemic.

When COVID-19 began to spread around March 2019, a group of people came out with the Coronavirus vaccine within a twinkle of an eye. It shocked the world because well-known vaccines came out after 8 to 9 years of research and production. Negative comments began to flow from all quarters. Many alleged that the vaccine was fake and ill-intentioned. The critics believed that a jab of vaccine creates a memory device in your system so that information about you will be known wherever you are. This vaccine would reduce the world's population in the long run. What is infodemic about the whole issue is linking Bill Gates’ name to the untested vaccine. It is further alleged that Bill Gates and the group intended to start with Africa. The allegation continued that Nigeria was offered 50 million dollars to allow all Nigerians to receive a jab of the vaccine to chase coronavirus away from Nigeria, but the bribe was refused and the vaccine was not accepted because all trending information about the vaccine was dangerous and discouraging. This is a big lie! Purely infodemic!! Neither Bill Gates nor any group has tried to offer any bribe. Beloved reader, do you think in such a corrupt country, a minister or any officer in authority will refuse such a whopping amount? This is wrong and disgraceful information intended to drag the hard-earned name of Bill Gate in the mud.

When a person is infected with Coronavirus, a lot of multiple things begin to happen in the body at the same time. The person experiences, blood clot (emboli), mucus formation, allergic reactions, hyper-inflammation, and bleeding. All these lead to hypoxia (low oxygen level). The person suffocates and dies. COVID-19 kills through all these multiple actions in the body. Many people are of the view that vaccines are the best medicines for Coronavirus, and that vaccines are important, and that without vaccines there is nothing one can do. Without vaccine some believe that lock-down will continue for a long time and economic activities will slow down.

Many experts do not share these sentiments. Vaccines have their place in the treatment but it is not the most effective option. The second major reason why vaccine is not the best option is that it cannot completely protect a person from the virus. If you take a vaccination against flu, you will need to take it every year because vaccines cannot ensure permanent healing security. The virus mutates and a new variant is formed almost every three to six months. All the viral infections that were experienced throughout the world had no vaccine to protect a patient sufficiently. The COVD-19 virus changes itself regularly, thus rendering the vaccine ineffective. A new vaccine must be found for the new variant. The new vaccines are not produced through the normal and typical conventional method which is well known.

Vaccines should not be the primary focus. The current vaccines that they are trying to develop are not the types that have been approved for human use. The normal vaccines we are used to is this: A virus is taken and the virus is weakened and pumped into the human body to stimulate an immune reaction so that the body develops anti-bodies against the real virus, so that the body develops anti-bodies against that weakened virus so when a person is exposed to the virus the body knows how to fight it.

We must all "shine" our eyes because this new type of vaccine is not the typical vaccine we are used to. They take the genes of the human virus and fuse them with the human genes. This is nothing less than GMOs. With this new type of vaccine, they are trying to create human Genetically Modified Organism (GMO). It has never been approved for human use. A trial that was made with veterinary animals was a disaster. Now it is the same vaccine that was untested which they are eager to use on humans. What is frightening is that they want to make the vaccine compulsory for everyone. You can't get to certain places, you can't travel to some countries because unless you show proof of having taken the vaccine, you cannot obtain a visa to travel. The vaccine is going to be mandatory. Forcing people to unwillingly accept a jab of the vaccine is clearly a wicked abuse of our human right.

Ghanaians and the entire world must note that this vaccine is nothing to explore but there are other natural substances that will help. These are to protect us from coronavirus infection. You should only go to places that are mandatory for you to go. You should have the following in your first aid box: the first important thing to have in the aid box is zinc. Zinc is so critical and powerful. If zinc gets into your body, it prevents virus from replicating. When zinc is used in combination with a transporter it works even better. A transporter is something that allows zinc to seep into the cells.

It opens the cell membrane to allow zinc to go through very well and that is the job that hydroxic chroloquine does. It helps to open the cell membranes to allow zinc to enter the cells. The second thing needed are certain food items we eat like ginger, garlic, tumeric and lemon blended which one boils and drinks. Some of these substances that are boiled together are rich in zinc. The zinc in there can stop the virus from replicating and also helps to boost your immune system. Zinc and vitamin C can be bought without prescription but hydroxic chloroquine can only be bought with a prescription.

Columnist: Stephen Atta Owusu

Author: Dark Faces at Crossroads