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Opinions of Saturday, 29 July 2017

Columnist: Solomon Solari Sarpong

Is free SHS policy coming to do us more good than harm?

Mathew Opoku-Prempeh Mathew Opoku-Prempeh

If we are to achieve results never before accomplished, we must expect to employ methods never before attempted. - Francis Bacon

To begin with, I would like to commend the effort of our Minister of education Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh for the moment of encounter with the press on the 27th of July 2017.

Ghanaians are really proud of you for your contributions and engagement in making our educational system one of the vibrant forces in Africa and the world at large . Prior after the wonderful presentation by the Minister on the said date , majority of Ghanaians have raised enormous concerns about the credibility of this policy by the government. Some describing it as way to deceive the public in that it is not feasible to accomplish they put it.
Indeed am really saddened by the perpetrators of such information.

“By free SHS, government want to mean that, in addition to tuition which is already free, there will be no admission fees, no library fees, no science centre fees, no computer lab fees, no examination fees, no utility fees; there will be free textbooks, free boarding and free meals, and day students will get a meal at school for free,”

Even though this aren't enough to save us from the current crisis we are facing as a result of bad leadership in the previous years but I believe one way or the other it will help save some of us whose parents can hardly afford a per day meal and to the extreme reduce poverty to the bearest minimum

Article 38(3)(a) provides that..The state shall, subject to the availability of resources, provide - equal and balanced access to secondary and other appropriate pre university education, equal access to university or equivalent education, with emphasis on science and technology.

I would like to applaud the NPP government for trying to achieve this constitutional right overdue.

This constitutional provision is to ensure that no child in Ghana will come to be limited from enjoying formal education.

Fellow Ghanaians, it an uncontestable fact that free SHS is doable in this country. In as much as challenges will come up doesn't necessarily mean we shouldn't attempt it. I don't think before someone rise up to marry he/she must satisfy all his aspirations by securing his dream houses, cars, clothes before making that move. Definitely it will start from somewhere and gradually you build on it.

So it is in governance. Governance is continues process. I don't think as proud citizens as we are, we should politicize every decision by the government because we happen to be affiliated to a different party. Its about time Ghanaians rise up to embrace this positive initiative by the government. Its a policy that comes along with a whole lot of packages which I believe strongly that it will serve as a safety net to support the vulnerable groups in the society by making education accessible to all Ghanaian students.

Therefore devoid of our interest, let's all come together as one body with common interest to contribute to the growth and development of our dear nation Ghana. Let's be proud of what we have as Ghanaians. Absolutely no doubt that the implementation of the policy will do as more good than harm. Together we can.

Long live Mother Ghana!!