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Opinions of Thursday, 14 June 2012

Columnist: Kamil, Mohammed

Is There a Conspiracy Theory Against Zango People in Ghana?

In recent times the Zango communities of Ghana have been subjected to unacceptable discriminatory practices by some irrational members of the Ghanaian society. These inequitable behaviors witnessed by the Zango communities across the country ranging from Muslim students in some senior high schools in Ghana being deprived of their basic rights to practice their religion, to the refusal to issue traveling document (passport) to a member of the Zango community on the basis him of not being a Ghanaian. The Zango communities have been tolerating these nonsenses for far too long. How on earth can somebody whose grandparents, parents, and himself all born and bred in Ghana be told by a passport office official that he is not a citizen of the country. Anyway that is an issue to be tackled in subsequent discussions.

The height of these insanities came to light on Monday 11th June 2012, when the body of the late Imam Alhaji Alhassan Sanni, the Chief Imam of Hohoe Muslim community, was exhumed from his grave at Hohoe on the alleged directives of Togbe Gabusu, the paramount Chief of the Gbi traditional area in the Volta Region. This is a serious matter that needs to be addressed and condemned in totality by all humanities and civilizations in the world. Goodness! How on earth can a right thinking person and a leader for that matter, order the exhumation of the body of a fellow human being to be damped on the road side. Have we as human beings degenerated into sub-humans or animals and therefore lost our sense of considerations? This will surely go down in history as the day that a section of Ghanaian society lost their sense of civility. Thank God for the rule of law prevailing in the country, we will sensitize our people on their rights, and demand a day in court when our rights are being infringed upon. Also if these lunacies are as results of a conspiracy theory to marginalized the Zango communities of Ghana, then it has failed woefully because the Zango communities know their rights and therefore will defend it at all cost.

There is no justification whatsoever to rationalize this barbaric act committed on the dead, not even in war zones is this act imaginable let alone in a so-called civilized society to say the least. What on earth is happening? Are the perpetrators of this heinous crime humans? Do they have conscience? Or they simply don’t have respect for the dead. Whatever the reasons may be, we hope the government will step in to address the situation by calling for a complete investigation of what led to this disgraceful and unpleasant act that has the tendency of shaking the peaceful foundation the country is enjoying today.

Mohammed Kamil