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Opinions of Sunday, 13 January 2013

Columnist: Abugri, Haruna S.

Is The Upper East region Cursed?


I humbly ask my fellow brothers and sisters from the above mentioned region to help me find answers as to why our beloved home region {upper east} has been and still remains primitive in an era of technology. Growing up, poverty, ignorance and other social vises such as “shameful” conflict, among others were what the region was associated with-even as a child I was thinking that with time, things will change for the better but am afraid that my hope will remains a mirage. My elders told me that there is no fire without smoke-so if this is true then anyone who agree with me that the u/e/r is really struggling at the back, then please help me out as I seek answers regarding why? Who? What? When? And how and to add weather we should continue enjoying the last position or there is something we have to do.

WHY-Am sure until we know our disease, it will be difficult for us to seek for treatment and before we can know our illments, we have to ask ourselves over and over again regarding WHY. Why are others moving forward while we are left backwards-surely something is wrong somewhere and this pushes me to my next question-that is WHO? Why can we also school in our region? The only schools at our disposal are teacher and nurses training colleges. if your desire is not to be these schools, then you will have to say bye- bye to the region and move to another region to school which to me is very difficult looking at the cost involve in traveling, renting etc.

WHO-who is responsible for our backwardness. It is all the peoples in the region?, our so call big men? Or some particular group of people?. Your guess is as good as mind. I believe strongly that either one or all the above mentioned peoples have in one way or the other contributed to our poor development. One will be curious to know what they have done.

WHAT-What have they done. There have been these chronic useless practices of tribalism, favoritism, greed, hatred among others in the upper east region. People who are fortunate to be heads of some institutions and offices only admit or employ their relatives and kinsmen thereby putting square pegs in round holes. People in higher positions from the region refuse or are unwilling to help the younger ones. May be they want to remain at the top alone and forever? So when will we be able to move a bit. Please I need your views for my next piece.

In a region where poverty, ignorance among others are rampant, one would have expect that we use our energies combating them, but we are rather using our energy against ourselves in the name of chieftaincy, land etc. IN short, I will say that our attitude also count for our developmental problems.