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Opinions of Monday, 7 May 2012

Columnist: Quaye, Stephen A.

Is The TUC Boss Confused?

By: Stephen A.Quaye

Were the balls of the Trade Union Congress [TUC] boss Brother Kofi Asamoah, squeezed hours before the May Day labour celebration in Sunyani?
Maybe, because what he came to rattle before the distinguished hard working civil servants of our beloved country Ghana and for that all citizenry was crap.
Huh, how can he contradict himself by presenting two pictures on the state of the economy one with the spiraling of the cedi and the other booming economy to the good people of the country?
He deserves a harder squeeze on his balls by colleague workers who are suffering from the “Harder Ghana Agenda” instead of the “Better Ghana Agenda” if they have not been squeezed after his first submission that let him to come out with the contradictions this time round.
If there is a massive joblessness in the country how can a whole industrialist come to tell the whole people suffering from economic hardship that the economy is booming?
Do industries grow where the rate of unemployment is skyrocketing? Do people makes ends meet where there is no job to do to earn their salaries to keep the wheel of the economy spinning.
Or how does the government mobilizes taxes to carry out development projects where there are no growing industries?
Is so sad to observe that the TUC boss has disappointed his working colleagues by the powers that be by giving the chance to steer him up for the fear of losing his job should he expose the government therefore contradicting himself.
It was really a shame for the whole TUC boss to stand before the suffering workers and presented different picture of the horrible economic, social and political situation under the NDC government which is serving as a wake up call seriously and relentlessly campaigning against the incumbent government.
Oh was it before the Labour Day had his brains chilled by the high breeze from the high air condition systems in his office therefore coming to contradict himself?
Or seeing how dangerous his speech may affect the campaigns of the NDC some hawks at the castle decided to buy his conscience therefore coming to infuriate suffering workers with that statement? I can not understand.
Even a pupil in Ghana now knows that there is a serious energy crisis, high cost of living, expensive inefficient and inaccessible health care, high cost of education, housing, transportation and utility deliveries, the rising rates of unemployment, crime, ritual murder, drug trafficking and selective justice as well as high incidence of official corruption and discrimination which does not create plain picture of booming economy.
If there is a booming economy then why are his civil servants pushing him to go and negotiate on their behalf with the government to increase their wages and salaries as well as reduce prices on fuel, transportation fares and create more jobs for the unemployed but skillful and industrious youth to apply their knowledge to create wealth instead of stealing.
The TUC boss must go and revise his notes and come back to address the people on the state of economy by presenting true picture of the situation currently and his recommendations to the government.
Just look at Dr. Bawumiah’s presentation where he gave facts and figures. He presented the picture as to how the economy was when the NPP was leaving power, how it is now with prices of commodities having jumped some over hundred percent and the need to adopt and implement certain policies to improve it.
That is what Ghanaians want to know but not just reading of contradictive statements from the castle whiles the people on the ground knows that it is not true.
If the TUC boss’s balls were squeezed to give that contradictive statement, let some one tells him not to repeat it next time because he will be put to more shame than ever.