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Opinions of Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Columnist: Quaye, Stephen A.

Is The President Now Up And Doing?

From: Stephen A.Quaye, Toronto-Canada.

A certain old man once lived in an outskirt community in Ghana. This old man was neglected by his family because at a point they thought he was abnormal. Because he did not want any disturbance from people around, he constructed a wooden shelter at an outskirt of the community and lived there. It could be remembered that anytime school children closes from school they try to disturb this old man’s peace by calling him names forcing him to come out of his shelter to chase these young kids. Whenever he comes out from his shelter, he will say to this children disturbing his peace of mind, ”onho, onho, manaa yesu wasore oo. Mommoadzi naa woye wo won mother side homono, mma wonfanba won father side hon nmoo” to wit, ”no, no do not bring your bad attitude from your mother side to your father side”. This story reminds me of seizures of public facilities by some riotous NDC gangsters who called themselves foot soldiers. In recent past, they went riot seizing public toilets, toll booths, locking DCEs in their offices and chasing regional ministers from their offices as part of their call on the president to change them. Last week, they wanted to take advantage of the president’s quietness and rule of law in dealing with issues by demonstrating against him but this time, these riotous gangs were stopped by the police. This should inform all and sundry that the president has awoken from his quietness since it was being taken for granted and for that matter whichever nonsense those people were exhibiting at their mother side, they should not bring it to their father for all side. No but if he has not awoken from his quietness, then how did he dashed down to the Volta Regional capital Ho, over the weekend after series of complaints and news reports that party faithful were loosing interest in his government? “ Agya Atta nara wo asore oo, nmoho dee dapennyinara okoaprobo woo oman ni mu nyinara” to wit,” Agya Atta is now up and doing haven’t you observe that through his official tours in the country? What has become evident of his up and doing is his own predictions that he will win the presidential primary at Sunyani and lead his supporters to dance Kumbaya. The president is up and doing either than that he will not be challenging Papa Jerry in wresting the presidential seat from him for his wife through the delegate congress coming up at Sunyani and get total control over the umbrella party NDC. He is up and doing that is why he has long predicted his victory at the primary and not feeling panic by any earlier warning of so called all white gurus of inevitable to happen if he defeats the president of the red beret women movement. The KOTI has not come to issue any warning to would be trouble causing party members. But let me warn them that they should not bring their riotous attitude from their mother side to their father for all side in Sunyani other wise the POLICE ABAA they would be raised on them. END.