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Opinions of Saturday, 19 December 2009

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Is Rawlings Now Acknowledging the Potentials of President Mills?

May I finally salute Former President Tobgui Avaklasu J.J. Rawlings for his recent candid confession on how noble and great the intentions of President Atta Mills for Ghana are? Are they just intentions or they are backed by action? They are in effect, implemented policies. They are not mere intentions but are backed by practicalities. Mills believes that good intentions alone will not bring about world peace nor will put food on ones table. I have always thought how difficult it is to teach an old dog new tricks but with great efforts, endurance and fortitude, we are about to turn around Rawlings for the better, if his "Support Mills to Succeed Speech" is anything to go by.

Rawlings in the end has realised how his spasmodic ranting interspersed with insults against Atta Mills were not yielding results according as anticipated by him. Atta Mills is slow, Atta Mills is dull, Atta Mills is not putting all NPP Ministers behind bars, Atta Mills this, Atta Mills that.

In the end, Togbui Avaklasu has realised how useless and baseless his efforts expended chastising the Learned Professor President have been. Now that he has come back to his senses, President Mills can do business with him.

I still entreat Fiifi Evans "Kakra" Atta Mills to be very cautious in his dealings with Togbui Avaklasu. He should be guided by the sayings, "Once bitten, twice shy", "You can change the name of the leopard but you can't take away its spots" and "When the tiger gets drenched, its stripes still remain". Rawlings having been that cunning all these years must not be taken at face value when he does come out with fine-tuning pretences. He is seen to be capitulating anyway. President Mills has always believed in walking the golden path of moderation whilst Rawlings for his selfish myopic reasons has rather always chosen to proceed the "buga buga" way. To always desire to bulldoze ones way through no matter how abhorrent it may be, as has continually been the characters of Rawlings, can at times encounter stiff opposition. When an animal gets cornered no matter how docile it is, it will muster courage to fight back, and Atta Mills has done exactly that.

Mr. Mills' effective weapons for fighting and overpowering the aggressivity of Rawlings have been patience and silence. Patience is a virtue. Silence is golden. By effectively using these two implements, the once a dangerous barking canine has been tamed. He has now been won over to the side of the slow but sure to succeed President trailing at the pace of a snail in his governance and economic emancipation of Ghana.

Mr. Mills must continue to be as clever as the serpent. His supposed Team B will surely succeed to the bafflement of Rawlings with his Team A shenanigan. Hopefully, Mr. Rawlings has renounced any desire to rule Ghana any further than what had been accorded him.

I am keeping close eye on this capricious-minded felon. In the meantime, President Mills is warned to "beware the ides of March". Caesar was warned by the soothsayer. He did not only neglect him but chided him for being a dreamer. In the same night of the "ides (15th) of March", Caesar got murdered. If he had heeded the prophetic warning by the soothsayer, he wouldn't have encountered that untimely death on that 15th day of March. "A word to Atta Mills is sufficient". Is Rawlings not trying to craftily worm his way into Atta Mills' administration through the door with his newly found sweet words or speech? I wish he has really changed.

Finally, Koku Anyidaho or whatever his name is needs training in public relations. He is such a disgrace with his display of ineffectual, shameful attitudinal belligerency. How can such a person full of claptrap be the spokesperson to such a decent President? He is a minus to the presidency. We need a person who will be a plus. Either he changes for the better as Rawlings has, or he should be ready for equally insulting castigations which may somehow tarnish the squeaky-clean reputation the President is struggling to maintain. Koku should consider himself a goner in any future Atta Mills' government reshuffle should he refuse to mind his slimy mouth which drips of filthy words..

Stay tuned to radio Rockson for further updates and explosive New year resolutions.

Rockson Adofo