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Opinions of Saturday, 19 November 2011

Columnist: Tawiah, Francis

Is Peter Boama Otokunor Now Tackling Mills

From Behind Or Only Making Mouth?

The President of the Republic of Ghana Professor John Evans Atta Mills, has denied telling or ever promising the Ghanaian people to put money in thier pockets, but what are we now hearing from a member of his communication team?

2012 budget will put money in people's pockets - Otokunor Peter

Boamah Otokunor, a member of the communication team of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Peter Boamah Otokunor has said the 2012 budget is a manifestation of President J.E.A. Mills' commitment to put money in the pockets of Ghanaians.

Otukunor noted that the Mills-led administration, having the plight of average Ghanaian at heart, drafted the 2012 budget in a way which would be most beneficial to all.

Are we as Ghanaian citizens taken serious at all by the politicians we have voted to manage our affairs?

*** 1957, Ghana is free!, free forever!. Now the blackman is capable of managing his own affairs...

I opine this Boama is either beating about the bush or he must rather open his mouth more wider that the Ghanaian people can understand him well.

Most of those small boys in our Ghanaian politics think politics is all about coming out to make mouth, irrespective of what comes out.

Peter Otokunor noted that: (I mean trying to throw dust...)

- with the implementation of the Single Spine Salary Structure (SSSS) by government, about 41.2 percent of the country's annual revenue goes directly into the pockets of Ghanaians.

- government has also budgeted GH?35 million to support Small and Medium Scale industries.

- NDC's social intervention programme in alleviating poverty in the country.

- government has created bold and comprehensive measures in the budget to deal with graduate unemployment.

- setting up of Center for Entrepreneurship, Employment and Innovation by government to train graduates to be self employed and support them with the needed resources to start their own businesses.

- government would also create more jobs to cater for other graduates who may not have access to the training school.

- estimate to create about six thousand, six hundred and ninety two thousand jobs (6,692) within one year.

- prudent economic management strategies put in place by President J.E.A. Mills has made Ghana almost an 'island' which depends largely on internally generated funds.

Okunor further stated, "we need a government with vision, which is intelligent and a government which dreams big to be able to raise huge amounts of money to support the informal sector.?

While Doctors, Nurses, Teachers and more Ghanaian people as well as government and other workers are suffering and complaining about hardships in the country, people like Okunor and his likes are still trying to "wake a Devil in an Angel."

FRANCIS TAWIAH (Duisburg - Germany)