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Opinions of Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Columnist: Otabil, Kofi

Is Nana Addo Going to Concede Defeat?

The Voice of Reason: Is Nana Addo Going to Concede Defeat?

My candid opinion on the 2012 Election Results stalemate regarding the NPP leadership is that it seems to be setting a bad precedence associated with Prof Adu Boahene’s (1992) stolen verdict and Nana Addo’s (2008 & 2012) refusal to accept electoral defeats. This is in contrast to NPP’s President Kuffuor (1996) and NDC’s Prof Mills (2000 & 2004) who accepted their electoral defeats gracefully and subsequently became Presidents later on. My recommendation for the NPP leadership is to accept the results and at the same time present their protests so that lessons could be learnt and modifications made for future elections. I also take into cognisance that, yes, there were isolated cases of alleged rigging and other electoral malpractices; however there is a need to determine their impact on the overall outcome of the 2012 elections. I have observed and learned that refusing to accept defeat gracefully may prevent one from winning subsequent elections in the Ghanaian context as evidenced from previous situations.

The 2012 Elections Results have been declared and John Mahama has been elected by the people of Ghana. I can say with admiration that Nana Addo waged an efficient campaign, however it was not meant to be. John F Kennedy became President of USA because his father (Joseph Kennedy, former US Ambassador to UK) lost that opportunity when he was fired by President Roosevelt and decided to mentor one of his sons to accomplish what he couldn't achieve. In this regard, I hope Nana Addo will see the bigger picture to turn his failure into success by mentoring a successor. Until the NPP leadership elects another gentle giant cast in the mould of the likes of President Kuffuor or a humble flag bearer, it will be difficult for NPP to attract floating voters. Nana Addo is a very successful lawyer and an astute businessman; however, he lacks the spirit of sportsmanship.

NPP supporters will always be there but they need to attract floating voters which they have failed to do with these kinds of attitudes for not respecting electoral defeats. That's why Presidents Kuffuor and Atta Mills will still remain perfect role models in Ghanaian politics. I extend my commensuration to Nana Addo for his campaign messages which were sharp and concise and also congratulate John Mahama the elected President of the Republic of Ghana. God Bless our homeland Ghana!

Writer: Kofi Otabil