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Opinions of Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Is NPP a Victim of the Situational Two Wise Captains Piloting a ship?

From empirical observations and critical analysis, one may be obliged to conclude that the NPP has become the victim of the proverbial two wise captains piloting the same ship. It is proverbial in the Akan dialect that "anyansafo3 mmienu ntumi nka nsuomuhyen baako". This is literally translated as, it is not prudent to have two wise captains in the same cabin to pilot a ship. There is the risk of none of them submitting to the authority of the other even when confronted with a looming danger amid disagreement between both on a common solution to averting the problem. Each may decide to have their own way so the ship may eventually run aground.

Each of the Captains may think he is wise or wiser and that his views and suggestions must be adhered to but not those of the other. None may want to yield in to the authority of the other hence both risk becoming the victims of shipwreck one day. When it does happen, who gains? None of them! They have as well damaged or destroyed an expensive ship.

My desire to explain things clearly to Ghanaians, especially those in the NPP, will oblige that I quote extensively from established statements and proverbs to buttress my contention.

Is it not said, "Too many cooks spoil the broth?" This means when too many people work together on a project, the result is inferior. Too many persons involved in managing an activity can ruin it, as in Without a conductor, every player had an idea for how the music should go—too many cooks spoil the broth. This expression alludes to each of many cooks adding something to a soup, which finally tastes awful. It was already considered a proverb in 1575 (by George Gascoigne in The Life of P. Care)".

The above quoted expression with its vivid explanation gives a clue to why NPP is currently faced with a chain of intraparty wrangling that has the potential to ruin the chances of the party winning election 2016 to alleviate the economic pains devastating the lives of many Ghanaians.

Most of the people in NPP are highly qualified lawyers and technocrats with master's degree and PhD, let alone, being an ocean of bachelor's degree holders. Each one of then thinks he is wise if not wiser than the other. None is currently willing to succumb to the authority of the other, especially in the circumstance where one thinks they are better or highly qualified than you. I am sorry this attitude can't win us election but will rather ruin our chances as explained in the quotation above.

Have we sat down to ask ourselves why the NDC that has a few highly educated persons but abounds in illiterates and semi-illiterates is always able to win elections, whether genuinely or by stolen verdict? How they win the elections is irrelevant now. They have a strategy, whether by foul play or not.

If the NDC can devise a means to win elections, obviously by resorting to foul means as they have planned for election 2016 through the bloating of the voters register, buying the services of the media and musicians, the armed forces etc., why can't the NPP that is teeming with highly educated wise individuals win election? It is all because of the fact that everybody is wise and they are not willing to submit to the authority of those they may think to be more qualified than.

Are we not proving ourselves a bunch of laughing stock if after all our renowned intelligence and wisdom we are always beaten at elections by the NDC?

How long does it take for the presumed less educated and less intelligent Johnson Asiedu Nketiah to resolve problems within his NDC party than for NPP, the bunch of "I know my rights" fanatics to resolve their seemingly never ending internal wrangling?

Are you wise when you sabotage your party to lose an impending election in the hope of winning a distant election many years to come? Where lies your wisdom in this anticipatory undertaking? Is it not said "a bird in hand is worth two in the bush?" Is it any act of intelligence when you allow the NDC to induce you with money to cause divisions and problems in your NPP to pave the smooth way for NDC to win elections to add to the already heavy economic burden of Ghanaians? Show me your wisdom in this, oh ye members of NPP?
Where is your wisdom if you allow your stomach to dictate to you? Where is your wisdom if you allow your acquired higher education qualifications to deceive you, always making you lose elections so you are ruled by the less educated persons? I see no sense or wisdom in this.

Proverbs 3:17-19 says, "Blessed is He who Finds Wisdom...17Her ways are pleasant ways And all her paths are peace. 18She is a tree of life to those who take hold of her, And happy are all who hold her fast. 19The LORD by wisdom founded the earth, By understanding He established the heavens...."

I suggest that as wise and intelligent as the NPP leaders and members are, a solution must quickly be found to the ongoing internal wrangling caused by some Agenda 2020 activists and some NDC moles within the party who have sold their conscience and integrity for money.

King Solomon was wise so he could solve all problems brought before him. NPP must do same irrespective of the problems facing us as long as we are wise. I shall do my bit so you must also do yours.

We must submit ourselves to our flag bearer to help him win election 2016 for Ghanaians irrespective of our differences and higher paper qualifications. We are not wise if we continue to be beaten by NDC at elections! This is my challenge to all members of the NPP. Don't let us all be like the two wise Captains in the same ship to run it aground. Let some act as though they are less intelligent to succumb to authority for the NPP ship to sail smoothly through the tempestuous seas (internal wrangling and impending elections) to its final destination (presidency and forming the government with majority in parliament).

Do I make sense to you?

Rockson Adofo