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Opinions of Monday, 14 July 2008

Columnist: Ankrah, Emmanuel

Is NPP Ruled By Constitution Or By Consensus?

In fact I always find it difficult to understand when justice is seen being thwarted in this modern era of democratic dispensation. NPP and President Kufour has been preaching about rule of law in Ghana, but when it comes to the party’s internal issues, there is no rule of law applied there what a HYPOCRISY IS THAT?

I am writing this piece with reference to THE WAY PARLIAMENTARY PRIMARIES WERE HELD IN THE BEKWAI CONSTITUENCY which has raised a serious contempt among the majority of the party’s faithful in for more than two months now. In spite of the protests made, the high-ranking members of the party are treating the issue with CONTEMPT and when I ponder over it, I ask myself is this the NPP I knew of the past or a new NPP? How could things have instantly changed for the worse? Have we forgotten so soon that it was as a result of the IMPOSISITION OF PALIAMENTARY CANDIDATES that brought division in NDC party and caused them the lost in the 2000 elections?

Now concerning the petition written by the BEKWAI CONSTITUECY POLLING CHAIRMEN TO NULLIFY THE RESULTS OF THE PRIMARY HELD BECAUSE SOME UNQUALIFIED PERSON WAS MADE TO VOTE the Ashanti regional NPP chairman YAW AMANKWA said on NYIRA FM, HELLO FM and many other radio stations that the two contestants LAWYER JOE OSEI-OWUSU and HON. KOFI ADUSEI POKU agreed for the said unqualified person to vote so the outcome cannot and will not be nullify.

My question now, is, DOES THE MANDATE OF THE NPP EXECUTIVES GUIDED BY THE PARTY’S CONSTITUTIONS OR BY THE CONSENSUS OF POSSIBLE LEADERS? In other words, could YAW AMANKWA have allowed all the people in the Bekwai constituency to vote on the said day, if the two contestants were to agree on such? If so, what is the role of the party’s constitution then? Else why is he neglecting the consensus from the majority of the electorates?

My main worry is not that the people of Bekwai being denied their choice of candidate but YOU ARE SETTING A BAD EXAMPLE TO TEAR THE PARTY APART, and FOR US THE FUTURE LEADERS OF THE PARTY TO ADVISE OURSELVES!! Remember, some of us have LOST OUR DEAR ONES for the sake of the party and look at what the TOP EXECUTIVES OF THE NPP is rewarding the good people of Bekwai with?

If you think HON.KOFI ADUSE POKU is still a good candidate for the party in Bekwai, then you are kidding. You can check from the percentage s of his electoral record in the constituency. Without public uproar, in 2000 elections, he got something closer to 90% as against 79% in 2004. That was even after president KUFOUR pleaded with the electorate and more so there wasn’t any strong opposition that we managed to get that. But trust the people of Bekwai this time round A STIFF OPPOSITION awaits NPP.

I am writing this in patriotism to the party and the people of Ghana as whole to help bring sanity to Bekwai constituency, because as the saying goes, JUSTICE DELAYED, IS A JUSTICE DENIED!! Too much suppressions and oppressions always leads to rebellion. I find it difficult to fathom when I HEAR AND SEE PEOPLE BEING SWORN IN TO AN OFFICE TO STAND IN FRONT OF GOD TO PROMISE TO DISCHARGE THEIR DUTIES WITHOUT FEAR AND FAVOUR but IN NO TIME turn 360 degrees to put aside the CONSTITUTION that gives them the mandate, and do their own wishes. PLEASE LET THE CONSTITUTION OF NPP RULES RATHER THAN UNDOCUMENTED CONSENSUS as being preached by the party gurus in the Ashanti Region whilst the NATIONAL EXECUTIVES looks on unconcern to tarnish the image of the party.

My humble appeal to NANA ADO DANKWA AKUFFU ADDO is that, he should stand up firmly to call a spade a spade and not an instrument for digging by making sure that JUSTICE prevail in the party without fear or favour BECAUSE THE TASK IS SO HIGH THAT HE CANNOT AFFORD TO LOOSE EVEN SINGLE VOTE, LET ALONE PARTY’S STRONGHOLD LIKE BEKWAI CONSTITUENCY.