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Opinions of Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Is Justice Atuguba Really a Role Model to Ghana Judiciary?

In what sense could former President J.J. Rawlings declare openly enthusiastically that Supreme Court Justice William Atuguba is a celebrated role model to Ghana judiciary? Is it because of the tyrannical way he stamped his now established ridiculous authority to twist justice in Ghana? What else could give reason to Rawlings’ shameless declaration in favour of Justice William Atuguba? ? Every Ghanaian worldwide who watched the Supreme Court proceedings on Election 2012 petition could tell how shamelessly partisan and intimidating Atuguba was towards the Lead Counsel for the petitioners. His unethical nepotistic attitudes manifested at the very inception of the hearing of the petition through to the declaration of verdict. Is this the type of judge that Ghana is to be proud of? ? Anyway, by the known corrupt standards of the Ghana judiciary where justice is always sold to the highest bidder, I do not blame Rawlings for celebrating Justice Atuguba, when indeed, he, Rawlings, appointed him to the Supreme Court. Do birds of the same feathers not flock together? Is Rawlings’ commendation of Atuguba, singing his praises and recommending him to Ghanaians to celebrate as their role model not smack of ignorance, hypocrisy, tyranny and underestimation of our patience? ? How at all can any rational being celebrate Atuguba for all the disgrace his corrupted Election 2012 verdict has ominously brought to bear on Ghana? Initially, it was pointed out to him how he had conflict of interest in the case where any intelligent judge would in such a circumstance recuse him/herself. The opposition to him sitting on the case was withdrawn. What did we see later? He sat on the case exhibiting his biases in favour of the respondents right from the very beginning of the hearing of the case right through to judgment. Is this the person Rawlings is recommending to me for celebration? ? To Rawlings, let it be known to you that your celebrated Atuguba has the mere mention of his name become a curse on households. He has become an object of laughter throughout the world. His judgment was flawed. It showed how he lacks knowledge of, and has herculean difficulty interpreting and applying Constitutional Laws. Do I recommend him for remedial courses in the applications and interpretations of Constitutional and Electoral Laws? Yes, of course! ? Justice Atuguba in my best of opinions, can never be a role model to anyone except his colleague in crime, J.J. Rawlings. It takes a criminal to do what Justice Atuguba did on Election 2012 petition cum verdict delivery. What will be the repercussions of his judgment on future Ghana elections? Did Ghana get value for money purchasing the biometric machines? Did Ghana profit from the electoral laws governing Election 2012 and would she ever profit from such future laws? ? Unless the number of ballots in the ballot box outnumber the number of voters registered to vote as on the voter’s register for any given polling station, over voting has not occurred. Even if twenty voters turn out to cast their vote but the number of ballots in the ballot box are found to be forty while hundred people are registered as eligible voters on the voter register, there is no incident of over-voting. Atuguba says such a situation arising is not over-voting but stuffing of the ballot box. Is this the judge to be celebrated? To celebrate him, yes, but Maame B Sorkode would say, my foot! ? Anyway, Justice Atuguba is not my role model and he can never be, for the evil judgment he made. He has ridiculed not only his integrity but the reputation of the entire judiciary of Ghana. ? Rawlings can celebrate him and does he think I care? As " Ano teewa Obaa Yaa" in London does not care, neither do I. It is an insult to the integrity of the Ghana judiciary to ask them, let alone the entire country, to look up to Justice William Atuguba as a role model. ? This is my opinion and I am entitled to it. Opinions are like noses, everybody has got one. I dedicate this article to the Ghana judiciary with Justice Atuguba inclusive. Has he learnt any bitter lesson from his flawed judgment? ? Rockson Adofo ?

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