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Opinions of Sunday, 4 April 2010

Columnist: Gyanfo, Ibrahim

Is It That We Lack The Right Caliber Of Leaders

Ghana is on record to have been the first country south of the sahara to have attained independence.How ever for some unidentified reasons we have gone from a middle income country to an underdeveloped nation in a span of 53 years.The question often asked is"what went wrong?"But the answer is not far fetched.You want to know the answer?Yes, it is the kind of leadership we have had after the era of Dr.Kwame Nkrumah.Apart from Dr.Kwame Nkrumah who had the foresight to provide some very important infrastructure such as the Akosombo dam,tema motor way,numerous seconary schools and helped positon Ghana on the world map,the rest of our leaders have shown that they are visionless.From Ankrah to our present president Mills.Nkrumah's party was a national party as compared to others.

The millitary leaders have mismanaged the economy and compromised our foriegn relations.I take present Ghana in restopect.President Atta Mills has clearly demonstrated his inabillity to rule this country through his actions and inactions. As a friend of my once said and i quote"the npp were not ready to leave government and the n.d.c were also not ready to be in government.

"From what is happening president Mills does not know what he is doing. from the handling of the Issa mobilla case to the alleged dismissal of supposed n.p.p elements. In the U.S.A for example Prresident Obama has employed some members of the opposition in to his government.If even the n.p.p did it in 2001,that is no reason why it should be done now.two wrongs don't make a right,does it? we need a leader who is extraodinary in all spheres,a leader who will focus on the work ahead and not on trivial things. A leader who can forgive his opponents even for the worst wrong done to him.(Nelson Mandela). A leader who can look in to the future and take bold decisions that will bring benefits to ghanaians in the future not present.A leader who can inspire patriotism in ghanaians.A leader who has the plight of gahnaians at heart and not that of himself,family and cronies.

On till that day comes,we will continue to live in poverty,diseases among others.We need a leader who is not mediocre.Then and only then will we be ready for an economic take off.