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Opinions of Monday, 7 April 2014

Columnist: Ablordeppey, Samuel

Is Ghana’s peace under threat from ‘’illegal aliens?’’

Ghana’s progress and maturity in multi party democracy could run into a halt if steps are not taken to tighten security at the ports and harbors, as illegal immigrants with no clear intentions keep trooping into the country without any prohibition.

The question on the lips of many is whether or not the country’s security agencies could rise to the occasion in thwarting any surprise uprising or terrorist attack.

Reliable information from Lebanon, Egypt and other countries indicate that more people with diverse backgrounds are flying to Ghana without their real identities, thus fear of the creation of a possible terrorist organization especially at a time Ghana has found oil.

International law states that anybody who wants to visit Ghana should obtain a valid visa from the Ghana embassy or mission from his or her country of resident, One could only acquire a visa on arrival if there are no missions or embassies in countries of permanent resident by the immigration service, yet people are flying from Lebanon and Egypt where Ghana has an embassy yet they come down here clandestinely and illegally get visa.

At a time when representatives of political parties including the chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Bernard Antwi Bosiako popular known as ‘’Wontumi’’ are calling for the adoption of ‘’Arab Spring’ gives every cause for the security agencies to be on a high alert.

According to the source in Lebanon ‘’Nationals from Lebanon and Cairo are flying to Ghana for no apparent reason and they have agents there who process visa on arrival for them. I am telling you this because their true identity may not be known and it is very dangerous to Ghana’s peace and security.’’

Clearly this development must be closely monitored by the security agencies as those ‘’illegal immigrants’ because their identities are not known, their mission and purpose of visit remains in the dark and highly possible they could be hiding in some hamlets either aiding and abetting with their local agents and also possibly poison the minds of the people into taken up arms and rebel against the government.

I have spoken to the Ghana embassy in Cairo and has confirmed the development but quick to say the security in Ghana are in the know and would do everything to protect the peace and security of the country.

‘’if people could come to Ghana without their true identities being verified could spell doom for the country either now or later.’’

Painstaking investigations by radio Gold’s Samuel Ablordeppey revealed that a young man by name ‘’Saddam’’ who is hiding somewhere in Madina is behind the issuance of fake visa’s to these ‘’illegal immigrants.’’

‘’I suspect those people are building secret camps in the country and pressure must be brought on the security agencies to be on a high alert and ensure their plans aborted and arrested,’’ source in Lebanon.

Story by: Samuel Ablordeppey