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Opinions of Friday, 1 January 2021

Columnist: Emmanuel Owusu

Is Ghana now in a place of no return?

File photo: The Ghana flag File photo: The Ghana flag

Ghana, a country once highly praised for its democratic credentials and as a beacon of democracy in Africa, is on the way to losing this position.

The question I ask is: who/ which institution led the country to this point? My simple answer will be the infamous white elephant and an untouchable Electoral Commission of Ghana.

This Electoral Commission, led by Madam Jean Mensa, has adduced to itself powers beyond its constitutional mandate and conducted itself in a manner that is short of its independence.

Today, we have experienced a situation where the Parliamentary seat for a whole constituency, Techiman South, is declared to have been won by a political party without proper collation.

On a parallel development, the Electoral Commission denied the good people of Santrokofi, Akpafu, Likpe and Lolobi (SALL) of their inalienable voting right as enshrined in Article 42 of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana.

We have also seen for ourselves the most disgraceful and repugnant presidential declaration with unprecedented and legendary arithmetic errors.

The question on the minds of many Ghanaians is: should we sit and watch this EC destroy the very democracy we jealously pride ourselves in? Shall we, as a people, look on as our beloved country is plunged into chaos and constitutional crisis like other countries? The obvious response is a big NO.
My plea to Madam Jean Mensa and the EC is to quickly run to the negotiation table to resolve all issues before January 7, 2021.

I also call on all well-meaning Ghanaians, including eminent persons of the land, the Clergy and respected Chiefs of our dear country to call Madam Jean Mensa to order and request that she do the needful to bring calm and restore the peace the country had been enjoying prior to December 7, 2020.

I further ask of them to speak and make their voices count, else they will go into history as a group of elders who sat for their nation to be robbed of its peace and justice.

Again, to Madam Jean Mensa, I encourage you to rethink your actions and do the needful for the world has its eyes on you. Remember, you will make history, but it is left to determine whether it will be a positive or negative legacy.

Long live Ghana!

About the Author

Emmanuel Owusu is Policy Analyst with considerable knowledge and expertise in local economic development, policy formulation and strategic management.

He is the Executive Director of the Movement for Responsible and Accountable Governance (MoRAG), a civil society organization.