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Opinions of Saturday, 18 February 2012

Columnist: Martey, Emmanuel Rt. Rev Prof

Is Ghana Truly Sinking Or Is A Political Dream Of The NPP

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--Rt. Rev Prof Emmanuel Martey?

I want all the true believers to believe in the WHOLE TRUTH, because that is the only thing that will set the nation free divinely, Nationwide, politically, financially and spiritually.
I Bishop Dr David Adu Betle of Heavengate Bible Mission Inc .international do not agree with Rt Rev Prof Martey, the Moderator of Presbyterian church of Ghana as a political campaigner for NPP which wants his church to believe and support the political ambition which he secretly has in mind.
I entreat the leader not to use his office to brand and label anything God has not ordained to be branded religiously for his followers. If I carefully read his press release from Morgan Owusu from Kumasi in the Daily Guide Page 10, Monday Feb 10th 2012, the Ghana cedis has depreciated so fast, this is his indicator that Ghana is sinking
First of all I want him to believe the Bible that the word of God has prophesied that the world economy will fail starting from Finances. Rev 18-12-24.
The bible speaks about the fall of Gold- Money or financial depreciation .It start from Gold. No government can override the prophecy of God.
Babylon- the world has fallen and cannot rise again.
Look at Greece, Italy, France, Romania, Portugal, Germany, Britain, Spain, Belgium or Europe in a nutshell, they have financial crises and could not resolve the Euro or Dollar crises and many leaders have been removed from their places as presidents. This is not an attribute of politics but prophecy.
TRADE-Rev 13-18
The bible says that no man can buy or sell except those who have the mark of the beast. Do not portray a picture to the good Presbyterian members that the economy of the world can be solely determined by political leadership but rather divine. Therefore both the people in the governance and the nation are all answerable to God. But not to exonerate one party and blame the other. Because it is God who set up kings and also remove kings. What God gave to Ghana all ministers and the nation should not oppose him because of political interest or affiliation. We should not be the new Baalam prophets who want to curse whom God has blessed because of money.
Rev Martey should go back and give hope to the congregation and withdraw the statement that the citizenry is LIVING IN A STATE OF HOPELESSNESS- believers are hopeful in the word of God and we shall have the expected end. The Rev stated that the prayers of saints in the country have revealed gargantuan crimes. I do not doubt it, it is good, but where and what was his stand when prayers of Ghanaians REVEALED MINISTERS OF KUFOUR govt or parliamentarian trading in cocain and was caught in America? You were silent –for you being in the Christian counsel much watch your utterances because Christian Counsel is not Heaven or Divine Counsel. Your interest shows a religious bias in the political front of Ghana-Please come out and declare your party stand as NPP and do not use the Gospel of Jesus Christ for a political camouflage.
I commend you for suggesting that the past 20 years judgment debt should be investigated .I was expecting you to ask the congregation to pray to God almighty to reveal the mystery cloud around our judiciary which has judged the Nation into these debts. Secondly to unravel the mysteries surrounding the cocains which turns into soda powder at the courtrooms as well as Judges who approves gargantuan claims of monies in the judiciary which is now a menace to the society
I also expect you to join in the crusade to fight against the legalization of gay rights or homosexualism among your church foreign branches -who are now ordaining Gay pastors –an intolerable abomination before God.
We know that righteousness exalts a nation. I want you to know the blessings which God has bestowed on mother Ghana.
(1)-Ghana the only peaceful nation in the world
(2)-Ghana the only nation which has not gone into refugee but helps refugees.

(3)-Ghana being loved by God has given us oil.
(4)-No earthquake, Tsunami, or disaster have occurred to Ghana.
(5)-Ghana has been protected by God, we have no wars.
(6)-The world has measured our economy as the fastest growing economy in Africa.
(7)-Our founding father Dr, Kwame Nkrumah has been honored by Africa and the World currently at Ethiopia.
(8)-Our Prez has been highly rated among world leaders.

BISHOP DR DAVID ADU BETLE, Founder Prseident –Heavengate Bible Mission inc-int

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