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Opinions of Thursday, 25 October 2012

Columnist: The True Statesman

Is France plotting to destabilize Ghana using Ivory Coast?

(Part 1 of 10)

In recent times, it appears Anglophone/Francophone cold war in the West Africa sub region has taken a new dimension with Ivory Coast leading the onslaught against Ghana with the support of France.

Between Ghana and Ivory Coast, relations have for a long time been complicated. Countries cannot be so close without also being rivals. Abidjan has in a recent UN experts' findings stated unequivocally that it want to take over from Ghana as the leader in the sub-region.

Allassane Quattara’s security chiefs have continued to blame Ghana for the 21 September assailants attack on the Noe border post, in southeast Cote d`Ivoire.

Ghana’s only crime in the ensuing rivalry between the two countries is her decision to host Ivorian refugees.

Not too long ago, Abidjan engaged in a tussle with Ghana to have extradited to Cote d`Ivoire Laurent Gbagbo`s spokesperson, Justin Katinan Kone, who has been indicted for “economic crimes” in his country.

The question is what is France’s role in all these confusion? What role did France play in the reports carried by Reuters News Agency on the so-called Gbagbo allies setting up strategic command in Ghana to destabilize Ivory Coast?

Is it really the case that Gbagbo allies have set up strategic command centre in Ghana?

Why should Ghana meddle in Ivory Coast politics after playing a key role in Quattara’s investiture?

The root course of the problem is the breakdown of the Ivory Coast’ security structures, and the unbridled influence of France.

Investigations conducted by this Paper revealed that, the likes of Paul Koffi KOFFI, the Ivorian Prime Minister, and Hamed BAKAYOKO the Interior minister as well as security chiefs from France are the brains behind the complicated situation between Ghana and Ivory Coast.

Stay tuned for part 2.

The True Statesmam