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Opinions of Thursday, 21 January 2016

Columnist: Kaufmann, Tony

President and wife are responsible for DKM microfinance collapse

A former coordinator of the Lordina Foundation in the Brong Ahafo Region, Hajia Barakisu Amadu has accused President Mahama and his wife Mrs Lordina Mahama for destroying the lives of thousands of Brong Citizens not only in the Brong Ahafo Region but all over the world by the mismanagement and collapse of DKM Microfinance.
Hajia Barakisu, who is also the founder of the Brongkyempim Mma Fekuo in Europe was addressing citizens of Brong Ahafo in Dortmund, Germany over the weekend, said President Mahama and his wife were the ones who set up DKM Microfinance with the support of Dr Opuni the CEO of the Ghana Cocoa Marketing Board.
Hajia revealed to the astonished audience that monies pumped into DKM Microfinance were simply diverted into the Lordina Foundation .Most of these monies she said, never reached DKM Microfinance accounts .They were just diverted .I was part of it ,I know what I am talking about that’s why I resigned from the foundation in July 2014.
She said most of these monies are in bank accounts set up by the foundation at Ghana Commercial Bank and UT Bank and if the couple were serious about lessening the plight of thousands of investors who want their monies back, they should work with the BNI to return all the monies in the foundations account.
Madam Lordina should not treat her people like this! We worked for her husband to be President and for her to be first lady only for them to take our money .It’s not right , she said.

Hajia Barakisu said she had been a coordinator of the Lordina Foundation since 2011 and was part of advanced parties that used the Lordina Foundation to support the ruling NDC government to distribute rice, sugar and salt during the 2012 elections in the rural areas of Brong Ahafo and Western Region. She resigned in July 2014 left for the UK and later Germany.

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