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Opinions of Saturday, 27 October 2018

Columnist: Kwaku Badu

Is Dr Apaak really blaming Akufo-Addo over NDC’s dubious payments and wastefulness?

MP for Builsa South, Dr. Clement Apaak MP for Builsa South, Dr. Clement Apaak

The Member of Parliament for Builsa South, Dr Clement Apaak, is not entirely correct for claiming that President Akufo-Addo has deliberately worsened the plight of Ghanaians since assuming power on 7th January 2017 (See: Akufo-Addo is responsible for our hardship, he deceived voters - Dr Apaak).

The fact however remains that Ghana under the erstwhile NDC administration experienced massive economic downslide which regrettably brought to pass harsh socio-economic standards of living.

Suffice it to emphasise that it will be difficult for any government to reverse such mess within a shortest possible time.

Thus, it is somewhat unfair to see the brassbound NDC faithful, such as Dr Apaak, who are currently enjoying uninterrupted electricity, reductions in electricity tariffs, low inflation, tax reductions, favourable economic growth, gargantuan savings on free SHS, amongst others gathering the courage to censure the NPP administration.

But despite the huge economic mess left by the outgone NDC administration, the Akufo-Addo’s government has raised Ghana’s economic growth from a disappointing 3.6% in December 2016 to a favourable 8.5%. And the double digit inflation (15.8 in December 2016) has been reduced drastically to around 9.8% as of October 2018.

Let us be honest, no economist can undo the huge economic mess created by the NDC government within 22 months into 48 months mandate.

It is quite unfair for Apaak to expect Akufo-Addo to fix the mess so soon when the NDC administration paid GH800 million dubious judgment debt, including the GH51.2 million to Woyome which resulted in the drastic reduction of capital expenditure, and as a consequence, most contractors were not even paid by the erstwhile NDC administration.

A few days ago, I read the Joy News’s report about misappropriation of $175 million loan facility secured in 2012 which was meant to provide seven district hospitals which the NDC hierarchy misapplied on the blind side of Ghanaians.

Why must Apaak expect Akufo-Addo to use 22 months to fix the massive mess left by the erstwhile NDC government when the same people surreptitiously diverted $6 million of a government loan facility of $175 million meant to provide seven district hospitals into researching the then governing NDC party’s chances of winning the 2016 general elections?

Believe it or not, there is admissible evidence of gargantuan bribery and corruption cases, including monies which were given to parasitic creatures who did not render any services towards the national development. Woyome and Akua Donkor come to mind.

A large portion of Ghana’s scarce resources, regrettably, went down the drain due to the mismanagement and the wanton sleazes and corruptions perpetrated by the officials of the erstwhile Mahama administration.

Take, for example, more recently, a competent court of jurisdiction convicted two of the numerous corruption suspects in the erstwhile NDC administration and sentenced them to six and twelve years respectively.

In fact, I share in the sentiments of the concerned Ghanaians, who have been maintaining all along that the sins of the two convicts are meagre in comparison with the other scandalous corruption cases which took place in the erstwhile Mahama administration.

What is more, the current Attorney General is seriously working towards bringing the suspects to book.

Take, for example, on 14th March 2018, the State filed a case of causing financial loss against the former Chief Executive Officer of COCOBOD and the CEO of Zeera Group of Companies and Agricult Ghana Limited, who have been accused of embezzling over GHC260 million under the watch of former President Mahama.

Besides, the alleged SSNIT $72 million corruption scandal will most likely end up in the law court. And, the NCA corruption scandal is pending in the law court.

More so credible sources have confided in some of us that forensic investigations are progressing steadily in a number of bribery and corruption cases which took place in the outgone Mahama’s administration.

There is also a possibility of the double salary grabbing NDC Members of Parliament having their day in the law courts.

But in spite of the Mahama’s government’s unbridled corruption and incompetence, the loyalists NDC supporters, such Is Dr Apaak, would want discerning Ghanaians to believe that the erstwhile NDC government provided exceptional governance.

Indeed, vague apprehension of patriotism exists in the minds of many Ghanaians, who prefer needless praise singing to defending the national interests.

The good people of Ghana, regrettably, witnessed so much duplicities, corruption, incompetence, nepotism, cronyism and frequent abuse of power in the erstwhile NDC government, and hence the vast majority of Ghanaians have permanently lost trust in the NDC.

Take, for instance, but for the Honourable Agyapong’s whistling blowing prowess, former President Mahama’s sibling, Ibrahim Mahama, would have evaded import taxes in the tune of GH12 million. How pathetic?

Thankfully, however, the EOCO ordered Ibrahim Mahama to pay the GH12 million as all his previous 44 cheques were dishonoured by the respective banks. How bizarre?

As if that was not enough, the Mahama administration revoltingly sanctioned a 30 year bauxite mining lease of around 58% to Ibrahim Mahama and his partners on 29th December 2016, just a little over one week for his brother’s government to exit power. How pathetic?

Based on the prudent governance and the current favourable economic outlook, we can confidently state that Ghana is heading towards the right direction under the able leadership of President Akufo-Addo.

Let us therefore remind Dr Apaak and his cohorts that the Akufo-Addo’s government is tackling the erstwhile Mahama’s government economic mess head-on.

Long live Ghana!

K. Badu, UK.