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Opinions of Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Is Dr Afari Gyan Seeking to Justify the Unjustifiable?

I hope and pray that all Ghanaians will approach the ongoing Supreme Court proceedings on Election 2012 with absolute open-mindedness. I entreat them to do away with their usual political-affiliation passions that are oftentimes mischievous; very unhelpful to the socio-politico-economic emancipation of Ghana.

Time is not on my side today so I shall restrict myself only to pulling the points without wandering unnecessarily into uncharted electoral statements and territories. From observations and critical analyses made on some of Dr Afari Gyan's (Witness-in-Chief for the 2nd respondent - Electoral Commission) statements, I find him being extremely economical with the truth. The lies that he intends using to justify what may be most of his irresponsible obstinate actions prejudicially taken in favour of then presidential-candidate John Dramani Mahama and the NDC will fly in his face.

Was it not for specific motives, until now unknown to many Ghanaians but only to himself and probably all his ilk that he refused to employ teachers to serve as Electoral presiding officers in the various polling stations? Teachers had always been doing it but this time around, he decided to choose less educated persons to do the job. He also refused the personnel of the Ghana media special voting rights. Why?

The above are not part of the ongoing court case so please drop them. However, when did Dr Afari Gyan state in the Constitutional Instrument (CI74) used for Election 2012 that persons suffering from "Temporary trauma" have the same voting rights as those suffering from "Permanent trauma?"

What is TRAUMA by dictionary definition? Trauma is "a body wound or shock produced by sudden physical injury, as from violence or accident" or "severe emotional shock and pain caused by an extremely upsetting experience".

How was "Trauma" made to understand by the Ghanaian political parties prior to the election? I mean the explanation offered for trauma by Dr Kwadwo Afari Gyan? He meant those people that have their limbs, especially fingers, missing. These are the lepers, of course. He ensured they were easily identified by indicating "FO" against their names on the voter's register. "FO" is an abbreviation for "Face Only" according as shown on the voter's register. They were simply to be verified by their face as physically present and in the picture on their voting identification cards as confirmed by the machine. Nonetheless, all else were to be verified biometrically (finger print verification by the biometric verification machine).

At the cross-examination of Dr Afari Gyan, he comes up with categorisations to justify the votes cast by those that failed to do so through biometric verification. He classifies them into "Permanent Traumas" and "Temporary Traumas". The permanent ones are the lepers while the temporary ones are those who for a reason or the other could not have their fingers recognised by the biometric machine at that critical voting moment.

Did he inform the various political parties and the whole nation about there being the possibility of every voter casting their votes via "FO" verification when denied biometric verification by the biometric verification machines? If he did, why were those not recognised by the machines but have fingers turned away from some polling stations and were not allowed to exercise their voting franchise?

When did Dr Afari Gyan smuggle in that "Temporary trauma" as a justification for allowing people to vote without passing through biometric verification? Is he being honest with himself?

Kwadwo, your explanation does not sound intelligible in the ears of my White legal brains so come again. I shall tell Ghanaians what they say and think if Kwadwo does not come out clean on the "Temporary Trauma" issue.

The petitioners have a solid case. Their evidence is as high as Mount Everest and for the sake of the Ghanaian locals I will say, it is as high as "Mountain Afadjato" They will surely win the case according as revealed to Kofi Basoah of Asante-Juaben in a dream. All that is required of the entire discerning Ghanaians with the NPP inclusive is to remain RESOLUTE in their quest to ensure JUSTICE is done to the Ghanaian voters. Their true voting trend is to reflect but not as how some collusive entities wished.

Dr Kwadwo Afari Gyan, the more you try to defend the indefensible, coming up with "Temporary Trauma" excuses, the more you are exposed for being utterly ignorant and mischievous.

Rockson Adofo