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Opinions of Sunday, 12 July 2020

Columnist: Mohammed Rabiu Adam

Is Counselor Lutterodt a rapist?

The heading of this write up connote no malice or any evil wishes for the man of the moment but rather makes sense to ask such question with regards to how he is being attacked left-right and front-back for his recent utterance on rape. The amount of tongues rolling on the heads of the counsellor are enough to cease his breath.

The media pluralism ushered in social commentators in Ghana’s media landscape. The likes Counselor Lutterodt became household name to those who clichéd to their television and their radio stations on social issues. The marriage counsellor position on certain happenings in family present plethora of perspective to even question his title as a marriage counsellor. Counselor Lutterodt is currently accredited with the freebies title of celebrity. Who is a celebrity if I may ask?

Counselor Lutterodt has identified himself with strange statements contrary to the general views of his followers. At a point in time, he was favourite social commentator hopping from one station to the other. If I may, how much does a media house pay him for his endless tongue rolling statements on shows?

The statement ‘rape victims always enjoy the act’ is indeed a strange one. Is Counselor Lutterodt a rapist? Has he raped someone before? How did he know that victims of this inhuman act do enjoy the act against their inner feeling as woman? There are countless women in our communities who fear getting closer to men because of what they went through in the hands of some wicked, ill-controllable libido and evil men. Some of these women do not even enjoy sex at all because of certain ‘kwasia’, ‘gbemela’ has forcibly taken their dignity away just like that.

It significant to appreciate the likes of Ama K. Abebrese, E. L., Juliet Ibrahim, Yvonne Nelson, Lydia Forson and Nana Aba Anamoah position the on the recent unguided utterance by the Counselor Lutterodt. I am strongly calling on all well-meaning Ghanaians and others to organise peaceful walk for the damming statement and others that seek to place women in bottles of yesterday.

The statement by the Gender ministry condemnation is in order. However, it could be described as empty if such bigger voice for social protection cannot move for the arrest of the Counselor Lutterodt for endorsing an act that is illegal in our laws.

Women in our societies deserve better from their male counter in this life. Creation of women by god was for a purpose because without them we will all not be in existence let alone have this wrecking voice to their role in the bigger world.

The National Media Commission must ensure that owners and producers of the shows both on the radio and television stations are responsible with the kind of content they are presenting to the general public consumption. Is it the case that the wife of Counselor Lutterodt and his adorable children cannot critic his utterances on shows for which reason he keeps on inviting endless disgrace to the family?

Counselor Lutterodt himself should take a deep retrospective analysis of his stands on certain issues. He should apologise to the women and finally take a break from the air space as a way to manage his credibility damage control. The evil is for those who don’t listen to themselves for the piercing pen pointing at them. Women are so precious and must be respect in all endeavours. Rape is an evil act and therefore anything that seek to endorse the act a must be condemned.