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Opinions of Saturday, 1 December 2007

Columnist: Abass, Issah

Is Corruption and Lack of Conscience the Bane of Ghana's Dev't?

I once read a renowned western leader summing the problems of Africa as corruption, poorly trained human resource and lack of committed leadership, who have conviction to see change. I think his observation couldn’t be wrong. I however think corruption and lack of conscience (sense of right and wrong) are the bane of Ghana’s development.

The unfolding bribery and corruption of the delegates to the forthcoming NPP presidential election should worry every genuine minded Ghanaian and people who believes in ethically balance government and good governance. Men and women who fought tireless to root out despotic and autocratic regimes in Ghana should be highly worried about the obvious presidential aspirant and political leadership bribery phenomena. Moreover, people with good conscience if any should let us hear their voices as the increasingly trading of favors, influence and vote buying spree of some aspirants unfold. It cast a very bad image for the democratic aspirations of the party and Ghana as a whole and seems to justify why every body every where seek money or some favor before they discharge their mandated duties or responsibilities. It seems to me we have lost our senses about the differences between what is bribe and gift. We behave like the ostrich and ought to bury our heads in shame! Why, have we as a party and country accepted corruption and indecency to this level?

It’s very unfortunate the leading candidates in the competition have resorted to manipulation and bribery. It is repugnant that all the candidates accused of this unsavory act seem to justify their unethical conduct with frivolous and careless explanations. In any civilized society public opinion would have been very rife against their conduct and would have eventually forced them to resign from the competition since their potential election by the influenced delegates would have cost the party dearly. Why not? Because the constitutional body mandated like the electoral commission to over see the 2008 general election would have marshaled her investigative arsenals on the candidate and party’s conduct. Moreover, the media that reputes it self as guiding the common morality of the people as the fourth estate of the realm would also be preparing with serious investigative findings to dent the candidate and the party. Any party and candidate with conscience given the level of allegations of bribery and the justification by their spin doctors would have been worried. The delegates to the congress ought to represent the conscience of the people or party if they so have any. Why do we revere, respect and worship people who shower on us goodies, gifts and our own recycled resources? We have to say no to them! I challenge all Ghanaians to rise up to fight and ride our society of the deep seated national consciousness of revering and respecting men and women who go about spending and corrupting people with their wealth even if genuinely acquired. We should demand greater responsibility from our selves, if we were to manage our resources well to impact on development of our people.

Issah Abass Kumasi

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