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Opinions of Friday, 4 April 2008

Columnist: Atitsogbui, Paul Parker

Is Ashanti Region Falling To Asomdwe Hene

Is Ashanti Region Falling To Asomdwe Hene Prof. Atta Mills?


You heard me right it happened right here in Kumasi the so-called no-go-area of the NPP, and you are not far from the truth to suggest that the region is gradually falling in love with the NDC, haven been disappointed by the NPP over the years.

Pro. Mills in one of his regional tour dubbed “Me ti ase na me nwu ye” meaning I am alive and not dead, took him to the only garden city of the nation: Kumasi. The euphoria and the enthusiasm among the people of Kumasi about his coming was amazed and unusual of a town perceived to be the best bet of the bitterest rival of NDC.

The street of Kumasi was smeared with the colours of NDC with people from all walks of life struggling to have a glimpse of the professor, chanting and shouting “owue ye omo boa” meaning he is not dead it’s a lie, “Atta Mills come and save us” “asomdwe hene” second Jesus and so on. An old lady I spoke with has this to say “I don’t want to be told I want to see him myself. Others were seen holding gallons, kenkey and any item they could lay hands on to signify the high prices of goods and services beyond the affordability of an average Ghanaian.

At the Zongo Chief’s palace after he had earlier on paid a courtesy call on the king of the land Nana Osei Tutu, the security had a hell of time trying to control the crowd but to no avail as the number grew from bad to worse, making it impossible for both humans and vehicles to move freely. This delayed the arrival of Prof. Mills to the Prempeh Assembly Hall were he was to address a section of the NDC supporters.

After waiting for more than three hours, the humble professor arrive with his entourage and of course the crowd who had followed his convoy all these while to the packed rally ground. Responding to the crowd with his white handkerchief and showing the sign of victory, Prof. Mills was paraded into the assembly hall where he said a few sweet words to the party followers who had waited in the hall for more than 5 hours.

In fact if the crowd that Prof. Mills were able to draw in Kumasi, notwithstanding the fact that the traditional football team (Kotoko) which the people of Ashanti see as a god they worship is playing at the same time then one can vehemently conclude that

The region is turning its back on the NPP.

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