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Is Anything New Under NDC?
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Opinions of Sunday, 23 August 2009

Columnist: Ayeboafo, Yaw Awuah Boadu

Is Anything New Under NDC?

Indeed, nothing is new! But the lack of vision and direction by the NDC is very certain to an unimaginable level. Isn’t? Yes, it's, given the noises they made prior to the elections.

The extent these guys could go is predictable given their history. In gagging and tramping upon our rights and shaming our institutions, especially the judiciary. Do you remember the people’s court? Do you remember the cold blood murder of the three judges? These guys are experts in kangaroo court administration. Do you recall the exercise of brute force and harassment of peaceful demonstrators? Do you recall the shooting to death of people during the kume preko demonstration? And do you know only three days ago, 14th August 2009 a young Ghanaian life was shortened by police brutality having participated in a demonstration in solidarity with the detained former minister Asamoah Boateng? Do you recall the besieged of the courts during the trial of the Agyeman Konadu's, Tsatsu's, Peprah's and others? Do you recall the police beating anybody to death during those periods? What does the recent violence in Akwatia reminds you? Is Ghana returning to her darker days in politics when men ruled other than the law? Indeed, one thing is certain; Ghanaians are disillusioned about their cherished freedom, economic management of their country and the vision of the NDC. The NDC is just desperate. Just eight months, the reality is staring in their faces after constantly bashing our party's management of the country with their voodoo economics and propaganda. Now, unemployment, shortage of fuel even at unprecedented higher prices, high cost of living, inaccessible health care and intimidation of the people are everywhere. In the NDC's desperation, they've resorted to the cheapest, blame game, intimidation, harassment and a bid to cow the judiciary to persecute the NPP.

We should expect worse things from the NDC, but be committed in our resolve to fight them. We've to roll up our sleeves, stand up to their threats. It had never been easy but let’s fight with the same courage and zeal Danquah, Busia, Adu-Boahen and many others before us fought for our freedom. We should pull together to fight back. Defend our unparallel economic management, increased freedom, free press and expression, judicial independence and above all, the tranquillity or peace the Ghanaian enjoyed under our Administration. It's unimaginable the NDC is rolling back all the successes achieved in the last eight years. For instance, increased private sector participation, a booming financial sector which was driving credit accessibility, improved health care under the NHIS, the increased responsibility on the part of the police, the army and other lofty successes.

Indeed, history is on our side and the future favours our legacy. Let's forge ahead as one team with one dream to fight our common foe, the NDC-National Demolition Criminals.

Long live Ghana, Long live the NPP and all people with good conscience. Awuah Boadu Ayeboafo . aayeboafo@hotmail.com Tepa-Ashanti

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