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Opinions of Friday, 18 September 2009

Columnist: Adjei, Nicolas

Investigate Tema Lube Oil


Tema Lube oil which was born out of rich ideas by a visionary who passed away not long after the birth of the company has turned into a den of greedy men and women taking advantage of the poor and innocent workers at the end of the food chain.

Over the pass years there have been a number of accidents in the premises of Lube Oil and the victims who suffered so much pain were never compensated in anyway. They used a hospital in Tema who treat these victims and advise the authority as to whether to compensate these workers or not.

According to some of the workers who I spoke to last week, two of their colleagues suffered serious body injuries when a very heavy metal gate fell on them some years back but were not compensated even though the authorities are very much aware that the gate was not in a good condition, this they say nearly killed the victims.

There were other incidents where the company failed to hire the right lifting equipment to lift an electrician to change bulbs on street lights and this led to the worker sustaining serious injuries.

Other workers where also involved in car accidents and received no form of compensation whatsoever even though they sustained various degrees of injuries.

This company does not care about the well being of their workers and the earlier the government intervene the better.

All the directors are currently raising the kids abroad and they do not care about the workers through whose hard work they earn huge bonuses every year. They fail to maintain the equipment and the building they occupier to make it fit for the purpose with which it was built.

I will call on the government to investigate them and make sure that those victims have been compensated well and also make sure that their equipments and building fabrics is fit for the purpose with which it was built.