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Opinions of Saturday, 3 March 2012

Columnist: Alfa, Abdur Rahman Shaban

International Gay Rights Activists: David

‘Came-wrong’ and ‘Hilarious’ Clinton

The Arabs have a saying that; “Trouble is asleep, cursed be he who wakes it up,” this is usually not a nice way to start any write-up (i.e. with trouble and curse) but for anyone who threatens by his words and deeds our already degraded social fabric, we must rise up to put him/her right.

Emphasis here being: PUT HIM OR HER RIGHT; right is right, same applies for the opposite; whoever he is, wherever he sits and with whatever conduit he spews his trash, many like us would stand up and give an equal measure in response, that much anyone can be assured.

I was very young back in the day listening to BBC Network Africa on my late dad’s archaic radio set and the trademark BBC cockcrow came across only for the host to announce that the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire had ordained its first gay bishop, Gene Robinson.

So I asked obviously very young at the time who a gay was? And I take pride in the Islamic answer that I received at the time to the latest addition to my vocabulary, the word ‘gay’. They are the people of Prophet Luut (Lot) who were destroyed by Allah because men slept with men and vice versa.

But how was that possible; I would very much have wanted to know at the time but I doubt if anyone was ready to go into that. But as a social being constantly schooling in the Institute of Socialization, the ‘civilized’ world we live in has taught me how that is the case; I dare say how that is ideal in the minds of right thinking sons and daughters of Adam.

A few years down the line, I watched with mouth agape on Cable Network News (CNN) and with utter dismay and disgust how two men were pushing with the help of a ‘human rights’ lawyer for custody of a son they wanted to adopt.

Why they wanted to adopt that boy was for the simple reason that the two men could possibly not make babies, if so; why did they want to have one such child; born of a man and woman’s union as sanctioned by Allah? That young boy would grow; calling one man father and the other man his mother. How worse could the west become?

Gene Robinson down to these audacious couples whose illicit relationship (at best a democratic ‘wrong’) is gaining grounds in some societies across the world is because of a simple factor which I diagnose to be: acceptance of the minority recalcitrant group (gays/lesbians)


I unashamedly operate first from the spiritual/religious angle in whatever issue and whichever circumstance I find myself. That certainly for me is the basis of any sound unadulterated and fool proof position on historical, contemporary and futuristic issues.

The Quran and Bible – at least the two divine scriptures that majority of Ghanaians refer to, has unequivocal positions on the subject of homosexuality and lesbianism – i.e. the marauding sex relationship issues that has assumed an international political dimension lately.

Both religions have history of how the people of Luut (Lot) a Prophet of Allah, were punished by being turned into salt as a result of the very despicable and life threatening act of same sex relationships.

Really and truly, none can deny that this practice is deeply rooted in history but it has always remained an abnormality, aberrant posturing, unorthodox in every sense; simply put an unnatural disposition that people indulged in it felt shy to proclaim their orientation.

Religion, which we (Muslims) hold as our supreme law, over and above all international laws, charters, conventions, national constitutions and all such legislations drawn by mortals refer to the Islamic law in search for a solution to the same sex menace confronting humanity today.

Please forgive the tone of my language here; but this HUMAN RIGHTS NONSENSE as quickly as possible should be situated within a certain perspective in order to afford a better appreciation of limits and boundaries as stipulated by ALLAH – Lord of the worlds.

Islam, of which I am unashamedly a devout adherent of, proffered a solution to same sex relationships and that position still stands relevant till today. No amount of human right trumpeting by anyone would be enough ever to justify this threat to families and to human existence.


It is nauseating to say the least, that the West have put on their worst ever posturing at the political level in seeking to force down the throat especially of African nations, this religiously and socially aberrant sexual orientation.

First was the British Prime Minister David Came-wrong and his effusions on cutting aid to African countries that did not recognize gays, it was not long before Hilarious Clinton, came trumpeting atop of the capitol hill, the same position of David (whose female wife had just added one to the world’s population) – something that his ‘gay friends’ cannot do.

As if all of that was not enough, the latest personality to come out on this issue is ordinarily calm but his views certainly were even more cacophonous than a thunder striking during a rainstorm. Ban Ki Moon stood on Earth, specifically Africa to advocate gay rights to African leaders.

The positions taken by the first twin gay rights activists (Hilarious and Came-wrong), warning of consequences should Africa fail to adhere to their whims and caprices; has always left me thinking whether Africa till today still needed aid, (appropriately referred to by an Indian finance Minister as peanuts).

It is instructive to note at least the position of some African leaders who have stated without equivocation that the subject of gay rights would remain alien to African culture and to which end they would not accept it as law. THAT I MAINTAIN IS THE WAY TO GO.

The west goes ahead to expose themselves shamefully in their HYPOCRITICAL POLITICS when it comes to dealing with the very rich gulf states that they are also known to depend on when it comes to accessing the very crucial resource of oil.

Most of these Arab states if for nothing at all, adhere to basic Islamic injunctions amongst which are the leverage of a man if he so has the wherewithal to marry four wives, in strict contravention to the one is to one position the world prides itself with. Yet, this same holier-than-thou west is yet to confront the Arabs on that.

Again, this HUMAN RIGHTS NONSENSE vis-à-vis same sex relationships cannot, would not and ought not to be told to any serious minded, conscious and upright Muslim leader anywhere in the world. Let the west do their worst Africa would most probably sit up and take its destiny into our hands. Enough with the global market place threat and its lopsided defenselessness.


Most governments in the light of the very powerful and influential gay rights lobby have accepted this disaster going as far as legislating them into law. It was expected in the wake of the ‘consenting adults’ caveat that the west propounded years back.

The strenuous efforts by ‘paid’ researchers and media people to thrust down our throats the biological nature of homosexuality and lesbianism have always fallen flat and would continue so to do for as long as man DARES to stand up against Divine dictates.

The health implications of homosexuality still stands as an unambiguous threat to the existence of humanity, and still many are those who want to collude, aid and abet with a powerful minority of people in search of backing to go against the Creators commandments.

Human Immune Deficiency Virus (HIV) and its attendant Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) are largely transmitted via the sex conduit and especially through homosexuality which passes as a most despicable, unnatural and Satan inspired dispositions.

The Holy Prophet of Islam _ Mohammed (May Allah exalt his mention) once said: ‘When fornication and homosexuality become widespread in the society, there would appear amongst the people, illness and sicknesses which were unheard of before and which their fore parents never knew of.’


For any group of people who threatens by their words and deeds our already degraded social fabric, we must/would rise up to put them right.

Emphasis is on: PUT THEM RIGHT - by the same means that they came across. Right is Right, same applies for the opposite; whoever they be, wherever they sit and with whatever conduit they spews their misplaced positions, many like us would stand up and give an equal measure in response, that much anyone can be assured.

Allah be our aid, guide and protector now and always.

© Abdur Rahman Shaban Alfa (Facebook: Alfa Allahguide Shaban)