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Opinions of Thursday, 22 October 2015

Columnist: Isaac Essuman

Integrity cannot be purchased with wealth

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Integrity is a moral principle that cannot be purchased with any amount of wealth. It is priceless and invaluable.

Do you know that if you allow integrity to speak for you, you will never find things difficult in life? Ghana is in all this mess and the people are finding life difficult all because some of the electorates sold their integrity and voted for "ANY HOW LEADERS" without thinking of the future.

There are various types of leaders in the world. There are leaders who became leaders by influencing people with money and there are leaders who attained their positions by making impact.

The leader who impacts has charisma and he makes more gains than the one influenced with money. The charismatic leader who impacts is never forgotten by the people whose lives he impacts. He is loved and cherished by them while he is alive and even when he is dead and gone he is still remembered. He shows leadership by example.

On the other hand, no sooner than the other leader who attained his position by use of monetary influence had acquired his position, he is forgotten by the people whose conscience he bought with money in order to attain his position.

Those who buy other people's conscience with money in order to attain leadership positions do not have integrity. The charismatic leader who attained his position by impacting the lives of people is the leader who can be said to have integrity because he leads by setting principled standards and adhering to those standards.

Come 2016, Ghana needs a charismatic leader like Nana Akuffo Addo who is not corrupt and served in a government without using the state property neither did he (Nana Addo) collect his monthly salary to furnished himself throughout his service.

This is the kind of leader we need come 2016 for Ghana to be out from all these mess and challenges we are facing now where salaries are not being paid but tariffs always increase. We don't need a leader that instead of using the states monies to shape the image of the states institutions and others, they embezzled monies to fulfil their own personal desires or lock them up uselessly in foreign banks.

So therefore, we Ghanaians should not let anyone influence us with money and mess this country up.

Thank you.

Isaac Essuman
(Secretary, Young Patriotic Crusaders and a Youth Activist)