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Opinions of Monday, 24 August 2015


Insurance Commissioner Innocent of Charges

THE GHANAIAN SUN has rendered an unqualified apology to Ms Lydia Lariba Bawa, previously, the Kumasi Area Manager of SIC Company Limited but now, the Commissioner of Ghana Insurance Commission for a series of stories it run on her stewardship in the paper’s columns, some three years ago.

The stories, which had been carried in four separate editions of the paper, were headlined as follows; FRAUD GALORE AT KUMASI SIC, KUMASI SIC BOSS IN BOGUS CAR DEALS, HOW BAWA DRAINED SIC OF MILLIONS and lastly, DISASTER LOOMS AT SIC COMPANY were all published between early September and mid-October 2012.
During the settlement with the aggrieved party, the management of the newspaper put the monumental errors the paper committed to misjudgment, and a colossal loss of professional focus.

It carried on that “upon sober reflection and with the benefit of hindsight Management has come to the conclusion that, the stories were without merit and therefore accepts complete responsibility for professional errors and oversights.
“We take the accompanying shame and weight of embarrassment entirely on our chin.”
The Management stated unequivocally that as mortals that undertake media work just as pertains anywhere else in societies, THE GHANAIAN SUN did not, and indeed, still do not claim to have a hold on perfection, which is why the paper has first reconciled with God Almighty.

In what looked like its parting shot, the paper pleaded with the wronged Commissioner Lydia Lariba Bawa to find a cemetery in her heart to bury the litany of monumental wrongs it committed against her person per the write-ups.
Credited with some of the most punchy and exclusive stories often read elsewhere and on social media, THE GHANAIAN SUN has over the years been credited with several top-dog investigative stories except that on these occasions, thanks to the benefit of hindsight and other redoubtable documents, the paper got it wrong entirely.

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