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Opinions of Monday, 5 October 2015

Columnist: Allan Kweku Buah

Instilling the Spirit of Entrepreneurship in Ghanaian teenagers

I, Sir Article as the self-acclaimed King of Ghanaian Teenagers pledge myself to champion #TeenRevolution in our dear country Ghana. The subject of entrepreneurship in our underdeveloped world takes centre stage of any serious business discourse. For many entrepreneurial people keep philosophising entrepreneurship to help drive young people to become entrepreneurs. So what is entrepreneurship all about?

"Entrepreneurship actually means acting decisively to maximise an opportunity with one's passion, talent or skill in order to effect change and/or make money." And the foundations of entrepreneurship are innovation and risk taking which are essentially complemented by passion, determination and hardwork.

Also, it's about time our Ghanaian society focused its attention on entrepreneurship among teenagers since we are in our formative stage in life. Why should we stay aloof only to pursue entrepreneurial initiatives in our adulthood? For the time has come to defy the odds and prove to hardened cynics that we are capable of unleashing our entrepreneurial spirit.

After all, Tod-Teen Republic has unveiled multiple award winning rapper, Okyeame Kwame as Brand Ambassador for Junior Boys Conference to train underprivileged boys in entrepreneurship to become responsible men in society. Coo! What entrepreneurial initiative for teenagers could be more laudable than this?

Moreover, I challenge my colleagues to disregard the intimidation from other people, imbibe the spirit of entrepreneurship to the full and act thereon. Whether you are an aristocrat or a pauper; identify your passion, talent or skill, build it with knowledge, create a clear vision, be mentored and network all the time if you really want to be a teenage entrepreneur like some of us! Besides, you could try social entrepreneurship for now since our system needs this badly to make structural progress. And are you seeking inspiration about the works of some teenage entrepreneurs in Ghana?

Well, Hyperactive Ghana is a promotion firm owned and managed by a couple of teenagers which is well known in our arts and entertainment fraternity, particularly events management. Edith Afua Amoafoa Smart, an alumna of Wesley Girls' High School is a model of teenage entrepreneurship since she has achieved a lot at a tender age. Also, PinkVerse Model GH is a startup model agency managed by more teenagers with diverse skills in fashion.

Again, Spooky is an inspirational rapper with Well Motivated Team Records (WMTR) who seeks the progress of adolescent rappers while adding entrepreneurship to his music career. Above all, yours truly is a dynamic blogger dedicated to meeting the knowledge needs of all and sundry with more entrepreneurial dynamism.