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Opinions of Thursday, 7 July 2011

Columnist: Quaye, Stephen A.

Inspector Koti, Please “No Rum And Coke In Sunyani”

From Stephen A.Quaye,Toronto-Canada

Pressed further to tell us what plans the Ghana Police Service under the able leadership of my name sake Inspector General of Police [IGP] Paul Tawiah Quaye, has come out to disclose to all that about 1,500 officers and men will don their blue uniform and provide security from July 8-10 at the Sunyani congress.
You see that is great to hear from the peace officers as we asked them last week whether the Sunyani congress will be peaceful especially where an assassination attempt was made on the Ashanti Regional chairman near KNUST round about.
This made it more demanding on the blue uniformed police service to remove all doubts that the up coming congress was going to be peaceful.
They have come out with their operation codenamed “watertight security” which I as an ordinary man can not understand but accept that at least there would be total security under the codename mentioned above.
But still some of us are not sure as to what kind of security they would be providing in Sunyani especially where whether rain crashes stones on that day there would be winners who will be celebrating in all forms as well as losers who will be protesting in all forms too.
Take it or leave, wherever there is a competition no matter who wins or lose there is a weird celebration as well as violence from both sides. When Ghana Black Stars put out splendid performance by winning their matches at the last world cup tournament in South Africa, there were wield celebrations which resulted in fatal accidents where some people lost their lives as well as when they lost their crucial match.
In the last Stanley Cup hokey final match between Bostons of America and the Vancouver Canucks at Vancouver, Canada, wield jubilations or lost resulted in huge violence which caused a big damage to Canada.
This should remind us that whether the incumbent president Professor Atta Mills and his followers carry’s the day or that of the former first lady Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, definitely there is going to be a wield jubilation which if not monitored well by the police can cause chaos instead of happiness.
Followers of both sides sure of carrying the day and dance to Kumbaya or any dance to “Let me feel it”, ”Aha Yede o”, “Castro Asamoagyan bapkononoo” music will definitely attempt to carry rum, gin, whisky or local gin Apketeshi which has latest name as ‘nsuohyie’ hot water of which after the results will take to celebrate.
When they are happy and celebrating by drinking they will not be mindful of the quantity or liters they gulp down that can lead them to cause violence unawares, therefore the need to ban it outright from the congress.
How can the police help us in that direction we all must be asking ourselves? The Koti, can help us by searching all vehicles going to Sunyani and cease liquid suspected to be rum. They should not be deceived with Coke bottles since people could dilute the OGOGLO with Coca Cola to give it a nice flavour and good taste of which if care is not taken can outwit the Koti mounting the barrier.
If we are calling on the police to prevent rum from entering the congress grounds from outside, then we must also call on them to warn suspects who will be attempting to wrap up Jah for anyone that he would be arrested.
Please no one should wrap up Jah for Papa Jerry to charge again after the June 4, rally at Sunyani because when he charge is too bad. But I will also advice those who will be stubborn to carry mouth wash in their cars so they can wash their mouths with it before they are caught by the Koti of smelling from the scent of Nsuohyie or the dried leaves called Jah.